Sustainable RVing Tips

Adopting good green habits on the road!

Here are some great tips on how you can be eco-conscious while enjoying your RV!

Make Sure You Recycle!

Recycling in your RV should be just as easy as doing it at home! Start off by avoiding items with excessive packaging, or transferring food items into reusable containers or sealable storage bags. You can also reuse this packaging for organization within your RV. Empty cans and plastic bottles can be washed out, and along with cardboard boxes all can be flattened out and stored to send to recycling later.

Take Care to Save Energy

These days, it is very difficult to unplug. Our lives necessarily revolve around our cell phones, our computers, and our tablets. Depending on how much electricity you use, you might find yourself draining your generator faster, which means you'll also be spending more money. Consider investing in solar panels for the roof of your RV. You might end up eliminating your dependence on your generator almost completely! Even if you don’t use solar panels, you can still reduce your reliance on your generator by unplugging electronics you’re not using, and cutting down your electronic use in general.

Reduce Your Water Consumption

By design, RVs use less water than a normal house, with smaller tanks and water heaters, as well as the lack of a dishwasher and a garden to water. Even with these built-in water saving features, there are still some easy ways to reduce your usage. When brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing your hands, fill the basin or a small glass to hold all the water you need instead of letting the water run. Limit your shower time as much as possible, and turn the water off while shampooing/conditioning if need be. You can also install flow restrictors on shower heads and faucets to reduce water flow. Make sure anyone using your RV is aware of these techniques too!

Improve your Fuel Economy

One of the easiest ways to improve your fuel economy is to slow down to appropriate speeds when driving, and avoid rapid acceleration as much as possible, as maintaining a constant speed is much easier on fuel. Keeping your RV is top running condition also helps to increase fuel economy. This includes keeping the engine tuned, using a clean air filter, and making sure tires are properly inflated to the correct pressure and in good condition. Reducing the weight of your RV is reduces the work the engine needs to do, improving fuel economy, so make sure you’re not carting around things you don’t need!

Alternative Fuel Knowledge is Important

You should consider the different types of fuels that will go into your RV, depending on its model. Some models can take an E-85 ethanol based fuel. This fuel has more power than gasoline and is less expensive. Other RV's might run on diesel fuel. But there are less impactful options that you can use. Bio diesel might be something that you consider as they are not made from fossil fuels. They're made from vegetable oil! You could also run your diesel RV on vegetable oil by itself. Wouldn't it be great to just fuel up from the supermarket? Of course, there is more involved with using straight vegetable oil to fuel your diesel engine, but it is possible and it reduces your carbon footprint. If you’re renting a vehicle, make sure you check with the owner to use the fuel the RV is designed for to avoid damage.

Winterise your RV

Making your RV ready for winter involves some easy DIY insulation solutions, and can help save you money! Putting some good, heavy curtains on your windows will help keep the heat in, especially if your windows are single-paned. Making sure windows are cranked tightly shut, and cracks are taped up will go a long way to keep out the cold too. You can also add curtains to your doors! While you'll want your ceiling vent open in summer, in winter you might consider making a pillow to slip inside the vent, using some foam wrapped in fleece, and reflective insulation sheeting facing outward. Simple DIY insulation improvements like these can make your space warmer and more efficient to heat, reducing your dependence on your heater and thus reducing your fuel usage!

It’s awesome to go explore the country in an RV for a vacation. It is also good to know that there are things you can do to help lessen your RV’s impact on the environment. Travelling in an RV provides a great opportunity to adopt good green energy habits that will improve our world while having fun!

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