Peace of mind while you're on the road

Here at Mighway, we care about our Guests and our Owners. To ensure that both Guests and Owners have a great experience with Mighway, even if something goes wrong on the road, we have created a unique Insurance and Protection Program to provide you with the maximum peace of mind.

Liability Insurance

Mighway's Liability insurance covers you for up to $1 Million in the event of an accident. 

As a Guest, this protects you against both injury and property damage claims by a third party. You’re protected no matter whether you’re a domestic or international traveller. There’s no need to go through insurance brokers or agents - Mighway makes it easy for you. We have made this Liability insurance mandatory as we believe it is important, for the sake of our owners, that all guests have the same level of quality liability cover. You don’t have to worry while you’re on the road with Mighway, because we’ve got it covered. 

As a Mighway Owner, you’re automatically approved for this Liability Insurance, for all vehicles you are listing with Mighway. You’re protected against third party claims, with $1 Million coverage. This is offered to you at no cost – no premiums, no monthly payment, and no deductible. We view Liability Coverage as being critical to ensure you, our Owner, also has peace of mind whilst your RV is on the road.

Vehicle Damage Protection

Our comprehensive Vehicle Damage Protection covers you in the case of any accidental damage or loss to the vehicle while it’s on the road. Accidents happen. We understand that. So, you’re covered for everything from collision to vandalism.

As a Guest, you’re covered for any accidental damage or loss to the vehicle, and it’s all wrapped into your booking costs. Should an accident happen, you’re only liable to pay the deductible of up to $4,000. However, for $25 per night, this deductible can be significantly reduced to as little as $500. We won’t seek claims from your primary insurance provider, as we become your provider during the rental period. Once your license is verified, you’re insured, and we’ve got it handled.

As an Owner, you can rest easy knowing we’ll cover any accidental damage or loss to your vehicle while it’s on the road. Plus, if it’s not covered under this policy, it’s covered under our Owners’ Guarantee. Just like our Liability Insurance, there’s nothing to purchase, as Vehicle Damage Protection is included as a part of listing with Mighway. We are committed to ensuring our Owners have a great experience working with Mighway – even when things go wrong.

Full Details

To find out more about the Owners' Guarantee, or to see the full insurance details, please follow the links below.

We recommend you read the full details prior to beginning your journey, or renting out your vehicle.

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