Cancellation Policy

Booking Cancellations

According to the Mighway Guest Terms and Conditions, the booking cancellation policy is as follows. By confirming your booking, you are agreeing to the following cancellation policy.

Clause 7: Booking Cancellations

 7.1 Without limiting clause 7.3, if a Guest cancels a booking which has been confirmed on the Site, the following cancellation fees will be payable by the Guest (and the Guest agrees such amounts can be charged to the Credit Card):


Cancellation period

Cancellation fee

30+ days before commencement of Rental Period 

15% of Rental Price

8-30 days before commencement of Rental Period

50% of Rental Price

0-7 days before commencement of Rental Period

100% of Rental Price


7.2       If the Owner determines (acting reasonably) that you are unfit to drive at the commencement of the Rental Period, including due to intoxication, you will be deemed to have cancelled the booking and the full cancellation fee will be payable.

7.3       If you meet the Owner at the designated pick-up location at the commencement of a Rental Period and the Vehicle is, in your opinion (acting reasonably), materially different from the description of the Vehicle on the Site, you may cancel the booking.  In such circumstances, you will not need to pay a Cancellation Fee and you will receive a refund of the Rental Price if:

(a) you notify us immediately of the cancellation and inform us of the reason you cancelled the booking; and

(b) we are satisfied (in our sole discretion) that the reason you cancelled the booking was reasonable in the circumstances.  

7.4       We may cancel a booking at any time if the Owner cancels their booking with us, in which case we will refund you the full Rental Price or find you an alternative vehicle if possible.

7.5 All fees charged and refunds paid by Mighway are calculated in United States Dollars. Mighway accepts no liability for losses suffered as a result of it converting currencies and any exchange risks from the conversion of currencies is the responsibility of the Guest.

What this means

Clause 7.1 This means, should you, as a Guest, cancel a booking that has been confirmed by Mighway more than 30 days prior to the commencement of the rental period, you will be due an 85% refund of the rental price. If you cancel between 8-30 days prior, you will be due a 50% refund of the rental price. If you cancel within 7 days of the rental period, you will be due no refund. This cancellation fee does not apply should you need to cancel according to clause 7.3.

Clause 7.2 This means, should the Owner deem that you are unfit to drive (for reasons including intoxication) when picking up your rental vehicle, this will be considered a cancellation of the booking on your behalf, and you will be due no refund for the booking.

Clause 7.3 This means, at the time of picking up, should the vehicle the Owner presents not match the vehicle description you were given on the Mighway website at time of booking, you are able to cancel the booking without incurring a cancellation fee. You will receive a 100% refund of the rental price, but only if you notify us immediately and give your reasoning, and we believe this was a reasonable decision in the circumstances.

Clause 7.4 This means Mighway may cancel a booking at any time should the Owner cancel the booking by speaking with us. Should this occur, we will either refund you 100% of the rental price, or find an alternative vehicle if one is available.

Clause 7.5 This means that payable amounts are calculated in United States Dollars, not accounting for currency conversions.

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