Costa Mesa, California


Max Guests x4

Beds x2


$177 per night

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1984 Automatic Vanagon Westfalia Pop-Top :: Seat belts for 4 passengers, 2 sleeping berths (sleeps 4 adults), propane stove, sink, potable water tank, ice chest, RV electrical/water hook-ups, SmartPhone jack Lone Star is our Assuan Brown Vagabond Vanagon who was raised in an itty bitty, teenie-weenie town in, yepper – you guessed it – Texas. True to his name, he was designed with an independent, intrepid spirit. From the moment of his concept rendering, he knew he was built with fortitude and could go it alone: He had grit and determination. So, after spending his first 18 years fenced in by big, boundless, blue skies and endless waves of golden grain, Lone Star was ready to put himself to the test: It was time to leave home on the range, to hit the open road, and to quench his growing, and seemingly insatiable, need to explore the sweet land of liberty. Well, that was two decades ago, and since then, Lone Star has traveled from sea to shining sea (carrying with him only a spare tire, a can of WD-40, the occasional hitchhiker, and of course, a worn cassette tape of Aaron Copeland’s top 10 hits). And like all trailblazers, his treks have taught him the prize is not in the reaching of a destination. But instead, the joya del la corona is found in the challenges, achievements, failures, love, disappointment and beauty experienced along the way. Now its your turn to go where no man (oops) - PERSON - has gone before… to be your own version of the Lone Ranger, of Lewis and Clark, Amelia Earhart, Davey Crockett, Captain Kirk, Sally Ride, Sacagawea, or Indiana Jones. And Lone Star is the perfect horse(less) carriage to take you to the next frontier. VDUB Travel Tip #1: AMERICA the Beautiful or BUST! VDUB FACTOID: The state of Texas is nicknamed the “Lone Star “ state. This term of endearment originates from the only star found on the 1836 flag of the Republic of Texas. The lone star signifies Texas as a former independent republic, and as a reminder of the state's struggle for independence from Mexico.

Vehicle Details


Beds: 2
Max Guests: 4
Make: VW
Model: Vanagon Westfalia Pop-Top
Year: 1984
Engine Size: 2000
Fuel Type: p
Transmission: at

Kitchen & Dining

Cooktop (gas / hob)
Basic Kitchen Equipment



Bathroom & Laundry





Fresh Water Tank
Grey Water Tank



Generator Charges

2 hours included per day
$3.00/per hour of additional usage

Mileage Charges

100 miles included per day
$0.40/per mile of additional mileage


Additional Driver

For each additional driver, you'll need to pay a small fee for insurance and administration purposes. Once you've added this option, we'll be in touch to get the details of your additional driver, please ensure you have a copy of their license ready.

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