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<a id="owners">Welcome to Cowboy Country</a>

Tucked away in northern Nevada is the famous Cowboy Country, a home on the range for ranchers and modern cowboys. In this stretch of land from Utah to California, you can envision life as it was in the Wild West. From touring ghost towns to watching re-enactments, immerse yourself in this historical wonderland that evokes campfire dinners, cattle drives and simpler times. Experience cowboy life yourself with a ranch vacation, where you can spend days horseback riding, roping cattle and working on the land.

As you tour through some of the regional cities, you’ll notice the influence of the Basque’s, an adventurous people who originated from the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. They crossed the Atlantic ocean and travelled to northern Nevada in the early 1900’s to herd sheep, bringing their rich culture which you can now see reflected in the area’s homes, cuisine and music.

Typically considered an historic trait of the Wild West, gold mining is still alive and well in Cowboy Country. Prosperous gold mining towns dot the landscape in what locals call the golden horseshoe (named for the shape the mines take along northern Nevada’s highways and byways). With new technological advances in place, you can visit some of the cities that produce most of America’s gold today.

No matter where you stay, this beautiful region is a gold mine of activity for your vacation.

Plan your trip with Mighway and let the journey unfold.


With the gold boom in the late 1980’s - 1990’s, visitors nationwide have rediscovered this quiet mountain town. Depending on the time of year you visit, you could catch one of Elko’s famous conventions or fairs, like the Basque’s cultural fair, or the Cowboy Poetry Gathering. No matter when you visit, you can learn about the city’s colorful history at the Northeastern Nevada State Museum. Take a hike through the pristine trails that surround the city and experience Cowboy Country up close and personal.

Battle Mountain

Battle Mountain may appear deceptively barren, but this canyon town is teeming with wildlife and forestry. Surrounded by three Native American territories, you can explore their history and culture. Follow the steps of early emigrants, who travelled along the Humboldt River during the gold rush of the 1840’s. Stay in the Capital Hotel, the famous stop along the Transcontinental Railroad for fine cuisine. Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or history buff, you’ll feel right at home in Battle Mountain.


Once a stopping point in the days of wagon trains, this quaint western farm community is a warm welcome for weary travelers. Fed by the waters of the Humboldt River, Lovelock is enveloped by lush greenery. The historical architecture is captured in their rounded courthouse, the only one in the nation still operating today. Literary buffs can visit the nearby ghost town, Unionville, and see the quarters where Mark Twain stayed in his prospecting days (and maybe even a spirit or two!).