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Founded in 1776, San Francisco has always been a popular city. Not only is San Francisco rich with people but it is also rich with culture, making it a very popular location for tourists. With its trendy neighborhoods full of lively activity and friendly locals, San Francisco is the perfect place for your next vacation. With the cable cars becoming the first moving National Historic landmark, and the Free Speech Movement originating in UC Berkeley, the San Francisco Bay Area is not only beautiful, but full of history. The Silicon Valley is also located in this area, and is unmissable for any tech fans - especially the Computer History Museum. 

San Francisco is usually most commonly known for its city living with all of the restaurants, museums, and different places to go to. However, it is also a great place for outdoor activities! There are many state parks full of hiking trails and bike trails to enjoy a little change of scenery from that busy city life. There are many beautiful views to be scene throughout the trails in the parks. These views overlook the city, water, and other parts of the parks.

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Tour Alcatraz Island

San Francisco is infamous for being the home place of Alcatraz Prison. Alcatraz was converted into a military prison in the 1870s and became a maximum-security penitentiary in 1934. If you are up for something historically spooky, this is the just the tour for you! After enjoying a scenic ferry ride to the island where Alcatraz is located, join a historic tour about the prison and island.

Hike the Bolinas Ridge

Bolinas Ridge trail is something you most certainly would not want to miss when visiting San Francisco. Given the option, you can either hike or bike on the beautiful 10.5 mile trail. Towards the end of the trail, there is a break in the trees and if you time it just right you can witness the breathtaking sunsets that overlooks the San Andreas Rift Zone at a birds-eye-view advantage.

Historic Cable Cars

San Francisco has maintained their cable car system to allow 7 million annual passengers to ride these historic cars. Beginning in 1873, the cable car system had 23 cable lines created. Now, only three lines remain in the world and they are right in San Francisco. Come take a nice scenic ride right up to the cable car museum and learn about the history this city has to offer!

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