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In what might be California’s most overlooked region, lonely beaches stretch to the horizon and redwoods tower over cars along Highway 101, which takes travelers north from the Bay Area to the border with Oregon. The North Coast region couldn’t be more different from sunny Southern California, with its developed shores and surf-town vibe; instead, the focus here is on nature, with the stretch known as the Lost Coast standing as one of California’s last true coastal wildernesses.

The North Coast is famous for its redwoods, including three trees that you can drive straight through! While you're here, make sure you visit the Redwoods State and National Parks for a walk through nature, where these old, proud trees will leave you in awe. Located in the North Coast is Mendocino County, which has some fantastic wineries, some great places to eat, and a museum where you can learn all about the area's history. Much like the rest of California, North Coast has some great beaches, great food, and great wineries. It's an unmissable area if you're visiting California.

Along with its natural beauty, the region beckons with fresh seafood, an inviting history and beautiful vistas that are easy to reach along the Pacific Coast Highway. Though small towns dot the region, traveling here (particularly in the off-season) can seem like you’re in an entirely different, almost unpopulated California.

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Despite its position as one of the region’s largest population centers, Eureka is small and quaint, with its main attraction being its beautifully maintained and restored Victorian homes, many of which date back to the 1800s. Driving into the city’s tiny downtown, you can pick up a map with a walking tour of the homes at the Visitor Center, and marvel at the bright colors and beautiful architecture while enjoying the sea breeze floating in.

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Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg, located in Mendocino County, is best known as the home of Northern California’s famous Glass Beach — an area where so many pieces of sea glass have washed up that the area is covered with them. The effect is one of startling beauty — particularly when the sun shines through and the different colors stand out against the sand — as well as a humbling one, by reminding us that humans can have a significant impact on their environment.

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Redwood Parks

Just in case the rest of the region is too crowded for you, Redwood State and National Parks are ready to welcome guests who want to escape into nature. Here, you can walk among the towering trees and admire the incredible width of their trunks, while also looking out at the quiet and undeveloped sands of the coast. Campgrounds and hiking trails provide great places for outdoor recreation, and visitor centers make learning about the region easy.

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