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If you’ve ever seen a Western film, you’re probably familiar with some of the many traits that make the Southern Arizona region so famous. Dotted with saguaros, the slowly growing cacti you may recognize from cartoon deserts and western films, this quintessential desert landscape evokes some serious home-on-the-range nostalgia for any cowboy at heart.

Visit the cities that make the Old West famous, like Bisbee and Tombstone. If you really want see traditional western, visit Old Tucson, a wild west theme park that was the site of many western films. Or you can learn about the region’s rich cultural history, which ranges from prehistoric people to Spanish colonists to early American settlers. There are plenty of museums that would satisfy any history buff’s desire to learn how the Southern region became the cultural melting pot it is today.

But it’s not all rodeos and cattle drives. Tucson boasts a thriving metropolitan area, where you can find museums, art galleries and award winning restaurants. You can try local cuisine, like the famous bacon-wrapped Sonoran hot dogs, then wash it down in one of the dozens of wineries spread throughout the region.

If you’re more interested in the outdoors, try out everything the desert has to offer, from scenic drives to challenging hikes or even cave exploration. If you want to cool off after a long day of adventure, take a swim in Patagonia Lake State Park.

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Named the number one best historic small town by USA Today readers and 10best.com, Bisbee is a 1880’s mining camp turned to sought-after tourist location. Home to many of the local Wild West haunts, visitors can experience mining life in the Copper Queen Mine, which drew the original population in the 1800’s. There’s plenty of restaurants, breweries, art galleries and coffee shops to relax in once you’re done exploring, but keep an eye out - many of the buildings are rumored to be haunted.

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Western film fanatics can visit the actual scene of Tombstone’s legendary shootout at the O.K. Corral. Walk in the steps of Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday and the Clanton Brothers on the actual Allen Street boardwalk where the infamous fight took place. Then visit other historical landmarks, like the bullet riddled and allegedly haunted Birdcage Theater, or the outlaw-filled Boothill Graveyard. The “Town Too Tough To Die” lives on through re-enactments of the shootouts that made the city famous.


Here’s a town where the Wild West meets metropolitan dreams. Experience the life of a cowboy by day in one of the guest ranches and cattle drives. Then relax at night with a few swings on the golf course or a spa treatment at one of the city's luxurious resorts. Foodies flock from around the nation to dine in the first city that was ever named the World City of Gastronomy by UNESCO. And there’s plenty to sample, from Mexican cuisine to local dishes and James Beard Award-winning restaurants.