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Western Mining & Railroad Museum

The Western Mining and Railroad Museum is located in the small town of Helper, Utah, two hours southeast of Salt Lake City, named so because of the engines required to help the trains climb the steep grades to Soldier Summit. The Denver and Rio Grande Railroad established the town when the railroad came through the area and coal, that was needed to fuel the steam engines, was found. By 1891 the depot, roundhouse and a hotel were built and the town was beginning. As more coal mines were opened it became the railroad center and the "hub" for coal miners and their families from the many mining camps. The camps were full of European and Asian immigrants and some of them came into Helper to build the town. This is the story told by the Western Mining and Railroad Muesum.

Utah Field House of Natural History State Park

Discover the prehistoric world, dig for fossils, and explore the dinosaur garden. Within an 80-mile radius of Vernal, evidence of the entire Earth's history is visible. Utah Field House reveals this geologic story with hands-on exhibits and activities. In 1942, Arthur G. Nord of the U.S. Forest Service wrote the following:In some corner of most every museum of natural history there is found remnants of prehistoric life, much of which hascome from (the) Uintah Basin. The guides in these institutions can thrill one with interesting information. Nothing could be more appropriate than to have a field museum with specimens of the natural and also artificial creations of the prehistoric life right in the heart of the area in which it is found.In 1945, through efforts of the Vernal Lions Club and othersin the community, the Utah State Legislature approved construction of a state-owned natural history museum in Vernal. Senate Bill 141 authorized the erection of a suitable building for the purpose of housing and displaying the fossil remains of ancient plant and animal life and other objects of Natural History, said building to be known as the Utah Field House of Natural History and to be built at Vernal, Utah...In 1946, Governor Herbert B. Maw made funds available forits construction and the Utah Field House opened in October 1948. By October 1998, it had hosted over 6,000,000 visitors.The park is a showcase of eastern Utah's geologic past and natural history. The main features are the museum and the Dinosaur Garden. A wealth of geologic, paleontologic, archaeologic and biologic specimens are displayed, reviewing the natural history of the Uinta Mountains and Uinta Basin.Exhibits include nearly three billion years of earth history asit is exposed in the nearby Uinta Mountains and Uinta Basin. In the geology hall, fossils are displayed from rocks covering more than 600 million years of life, ranging from algae to dinosaurs to highly advanced mammals. Artistic representations of these life forms, plus the geology of the area painted by G.E. Untermann Sr. (father of the original director of the Field House), are displayed throughout the museum.The anthropology hall includes examples of ancient and recent Native American life in the Uintas. Highlighted are the works of the Fremont Indians, a group that lived in this areafrom approximately 700 to 1250 AD. Reproductions of local rock art are displayed throughout the room. In addition there is a section that emphasizes Ute handicrafts and cultural items.In the natural history hall, examples of local animal life are arranged along a mural depicting life as one descends from the high Uinta Mountains into the Uinta Basin. Outside the museum is the Dinosaur Garden, 17 full-size replicas of prehistoric animals ranging in age from the Pennsylvanian through the Pleistocene. Most of these animals were sculpted by Elbert Porter and bought by the state of Utah for the Field House in 1977. A new addition, Ceolophysis, a Triassicdinosaur made by artist David Thomas, was purchased in 1993.Opened to the public as a state park in 1959. Park Elevation: 5,300 feet

Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry contains the densest concentration of Jurassic-aged dinosaur bones ever found. Over 12,000 bones (belonging to at least 74 individual dinosaurs) have been excavated at the quarry. Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry has helped paleontologists learn a great deal about the Jurassic period, yet the site presents at least as many mysteries as it helps to solve. Curiously, more than 75% of the bones come from carnivores, primarily Allosaurus fragilis. With more than 46 individual specimens ofAllosaurus, scientists have been able to deduce much about how Allosaurus aged and compare individuals to better understand intraspecies diversity. Yet the sheer density of bones proposes many questions. How did the carcasses of so many animals end up in one place, and why are most of them meat-eaters?   While many good hypotheses have been presented they all still have major flaws, so the mystery continues to be unsolved.

College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum

Nestled in the heart of a resource rich archaeological, paleontological and geological play land, our museum has much to offer in diverse prehistoric subjects. One thing that makes our museum so unique is that our items on display were actually discovered within a stone’s throw of the actual museum location! Dinosaurs and other finds from this region are world-famous, but only here can you see them surrounded by their original context.

Campgrounds and RV Parks near Northeastern Utah

Shady Acres RV Park

perfect home base for exploring

Shady Acres RV Park & Campground is your perfect home base for exploring the natural wonders of Southeastern Utah. At Shady Acres you'll relax in the shade of soaring cottonwood trees. Enjoy spectacular mountain views from your campsite. See the local wildlife as you stroll our lovely 16-acre park. Summer evenings bring many grazing deer to the farming fields, golf course and state park that surround our campground. Take advantage of our year-round service and excellent amenities. Pull your RV into one of our 97 paved sites. Many 100+ foot pull-thru sites are available for you "Big Rig" drivers. All spaces are pull-thrus with full hookups. Free High-Speed Wireless Internet and Cable TV at sites.

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Green River State Park

Kick back and go fishing

Green River State Park is the put-in point for the 120-mile float through Labyrinth and Stillwater Canyons. This section of the river is rated for beginners and intermediate boaters. This trip takes you through beautiful desert and Canyon scenery and is enjoyable to all. Green River State Park is also home to a challenging nine-hole golf course, campground with tall, shady cottonwood trees, and numerous species of birds. If fishing is your activity of choice, the Green has catfish, carp, and four unique native fish that are threatened with extinction and protected - Colorado Pike Minnow (Squawfish), Razorback Sucker, Humpback Chub, and Bonytail Chub. Anglers should release any of the unique fish.

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