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The Bluegrass region (Shawnee: Eskippakithiki) is a geographic region in the U.S. state of Kentucky. It makes up the northern part of the state where a majority of the state's population has lived and developed its largest cities. Before European-American settlement, various cultures of indigenous peoples adapted to the region, which had mostly a savannah of wide grasslands with interspersed enormous oak trees. They hunted its large herds of bison and other game, especially near salt licks. The name "Kentucky" means "meadow lands" in several different Indian languages and was specifically applied to this region. Europeans adopted the name to apply to the state. Europeans named the Bluegrass region for the blue flowered Poa grass that grew there. Americans settled in number in the region in the decades after the Revolutionary War, migrating mostly from Virginia. By 1800 these planters noticed that horses grazed in the Bluegrass region were more hardy than those from other regions; this is due to the high content of calcium in the soil. Within decades of increased settlement, the remaining herds of bison had moved west. Breeding of Thoroughbred horses was developed here, as well as of other quality livestock. Kentucky livestock was driven to Tennessee and other areas of the Ohio valley for sale. Planters, supported by slave labor, also cultivated major commodity crops, such as tobacco, hemp (see Hemp in Kentucky), and grapes (see Kentucky wine). The first commercial winery in the United States was opened in the Bluegrass region in 1801 in present-day Jessamine County by a group of Swiss immigrants. It was authorized by the state legislature. The Bluegrass region is characterized by underlying fossiliferous limestone, dolostone, and shale of the Ordovician geological age. Hills are generally rolling, and the soil is highly fertile for growing pasture. Since the antebellum years, the Bluegrass region has been a center for breeding quality livestock, especially Thoroughbred race horses (see Equine industry in Kentucky).

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The highlight of a visit to Ashland is the guided tour of the 18-room mansion.  You will enter the front door and begin a  journey through the Clay family mansion and time travel from the 18th century to the present.  Guided tours of the mansion take approximately one hour.To take advantage of the full, “Ashland Experience” you’ll want to allow additional time to see the permanent Henry Clay exhibit room, an informational video about Henry Clay and to enjoy the Museum Store.  Outdoor options are plentiful - with a self-guided tour of the outbuildings, formal garden and walking trails, and Civil War monument.  The grounds are free to visit year-round.

Town Branch Bourbon

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail now runs through Lexington because of its newest member, Town Branch® Bourbon. One of bourbon’s most distinctive qualities comes from the limestone water that brought bourbon to popularity in the 1800s. The name, Town Branch, commemorates the body of water that currently runs under Lexington, on which Lexington was founded. Town Branch, once the lifeblood of Lexington, is again bringing joy to Lexingtonians and bourbon lovers alike. Aged in new, charred white oak barrels, Town Branch is infused with a golden amber honey color, which is your inviting introduction to this masterfully crafted bourbon. Pleasant woody and oaky aromas lead into caramel, toffee, brown sugar, and hints of cherry. The lavish and complex flavors are smooth and sweet with a gentle warming leading to a long finish. Shortly after the barrels of Town Branch run dry, the spirit lives on as these barrels are used to age our award winning Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale!

The Great American Dollhouse Museum

The Great American Dollhouse Museum in Danville Kentucky: a top-choice destination for families with children, fans of miniatures, and anyone who likes to gawk at tiny things artfully displayed. The Great American Dollhouse Museum showcases over 200 dollhouses, miniature buildings, and room boxes, furnished in remarkable detail and populated with tiny people at work and play.  The Museum’s unique focus is the depiction of American social history in miniature. The Exhibition Hall presents as three major areas. The first, a timeline of United States History from Native American through Colonial, Old West, early Southwest and modern eras, gives the visitor a vivid sense of what it would be like to live in different regions of our country at various times in the past. The second major display area, a complete miniature town circa 1910, includes mansion, business, retail and factory districts as well as a Shaker village. Here, the visitor is lured into detailed fictional stories of the lives and characters of the town. The last section of the Museum contains a heavily forested fantasy land with faeries, elves, witches, trolls and a walk-in dragon cave. It’s just for fun and always well-loved by visitors of all ages.

Kentucky Theatre

The Kentucky Theatre is a familiar Landmark to generations of Lexingtonians. It’s richly ornamented walls and glowing stained glass fixtures have hosted gala events and entertained overflowing crowds. They have also endured hard times and disasters, both natural and manmade. And so it stands today, a true palace of memories, a hall full of comedy, tragedy, drama, adventure, and just plain fun. Today the theatre operates as a popular local independent cinema.

Campgrounds and RV Parks near Bluegrass region

Pioneer Playhouse

An outdoor theater and campground. Every two weeks, a different show all summer long!

Visit Pioneer Playhouse
Oh! Kentucky Campground - A privately owned campground featuring 70 campsites ranging from primitive to full hookups.

Oh! Kentucky Campground

A privately owned campground featuring 70 campsites ranging from primitive to full hookups. The campground features a store, pool, laundry facilities, and shower houses.

Visit Oh! Kentucky Campground

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