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Northwestern Colorado is a region in the northwest portion of Colorado. It borders Western Colorado, Northern Colorado, the north portion of Central Colorado, Southwestern Colorado, Utah, and the northwest state of Wyoming. This region is among the lower populated regions in Colorado.

Places to Visit near Northwestern Colorado

Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge & Pool

There really is something in the water. Fifteen minerals that do a body good. That hasn't changed since 1888. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool has been a haven of relaxation and family fun for over a century. Come for the day, or stay with us for your next vacation. The World’s Largest Hot Springs Pool is open year-round and into the evening. Come summer, the cabana rentals, waterslides and kiddy pool are in full swing. Lap lanes are designated for swimmers all year round. Our therapeutic spring waters—called Yampah, or literally Big Medicine, by Ute Native Americans—have been bubbling up from the earth's core for millions of years. The Utes were the first known visitors to the mineral-rich hot springs that flowed along the banks of the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon. Today, Glenwood Hot Springs melds past and present with clean and modern shower facilities and state-of-the-art ozone pool purification system. The goal remains to maximize enjoyment for our guests who continue to visit and relax in our perpetual, revitalizing hot spring waters, now and for years to come. We have two thrilling water slides to get your blood flowing. Avalanche Falls (minimum height to ride is 48”) and Shoshone Chute (minimum height to ride is 36”). Even though we have minimum height requirements, smaller daredevils can still ride when accompanied by an adult. Each slide offers over 300 feet of twists and turns, cascading down more than four stories. This is designed specifically for wearing out the kids. They can’t get enough of climbing stairs, plunging down the tube, and doing it all over again. The slides are located at the west end of the pool. Just steps from the hot springs pool, you can check in, kick off your shoes and relax. Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge is still the best location for a stay in Glenwood Springs. Breath taking mountain views surround you, while you stay in well-appointed rooms with stylish décor and soft lighting. Glenwood Hot Springs offers an award winning spa, athletic club, restaurant and shopping. Our convenient location is walking distance to downtown Glenwood Springs. A haven for couples on a romantic retreat or families seeking fun, relaxing time together, Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge brings it all together in one inviting package. An overnight stay here always includes unlimited swimming. Greet the morning with our complimentary full breakfast at the poolside Grill, and wake up to the day's possibilities at Glenwood Hot Springs. Whether you come for the day or stay with us overnight, you become part of a family resort tradition that dates back to 1888. Located in beautiful Glenwood Springs, between Aspen and Vail, the soothing mineral waters of the World’s Largest Hot Springs Pool are only part of the attraction. The grounds of this unique and historic destination include a luxury spa, premier athletic club, resort boutique and dining. Plus, our 107-room lodge is within walking distance to downtown’s shopping, dining and nightlife!

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Everyone loves swings. There's something about soaring back and forth through the sky that's more than a little freeing. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park has taken that feeling and multiplied it by a thousand. How? By creating a gigantic, pneumatic swingset that doesn't just send you even further into the does so over a cliff overlooking the Glenwood Springs Canyon. Whoa. Unlike the playground swings you're used to, the Giant Canyon Swing at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park sits right on the edge of the canyon, 1,300 feet above the Colorado River and sends up to four riders soaring 112 degrees above the horizon at fifty miles an hour. I won't mince's actually kind of terrifying. It's so scary, in fact, that the man who came up with it, Steve Beckley, has only ridden it once and says he won't be swinging again. In Glenwood Springs you can explore stunning caverns and formations... in Colorado's largest showcave. Fly down the mountain on Colorado's first alpine coaster. And you better hang on to your seat in Colorado's first 4D Ride Theater. Fly through the air high above Glenwood Springs, out over scenic Glenwood Canyon in our Giant Swing. Glenwood Caverns (formerly called the Fairy Caves) is an extensive cave system located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The Caverns are now part of the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, a popular Colorado tourist attraction. The caves are accessed by a 4,300-foot (1,300 m) cable car ride which takes visitors to the top of Iron Mountain. The park offers a 70 minute guided walking tour suitable for all ages. The caverns are well lit and there are well-maintained walkways with safety hand railings but no elevator or wheelchair access. The Cave Tour is approximately half a mile (800 m) in length and includes 127 stairs. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, visitors learn about the history, geology and legends of Colorado’s largest show cave open to the public.

Argo Gold Mine & Mill Tour

In 1893 construction of the Argo tunnel began. It took 17 years to complete the route to Central City, 4.5 miles away. The tunnel provided water drainage, ventilation, and economical transport of the gold bearing ore from the mines. The Argo Mill was built to process the ore. The gold fetched prices from $18 to $35 an ounce.The Mill stands today as a memorial to the hard rock miners from the days when GOLD WAS KING. The Mill tour is educational and fun for all ages.

Old Town Hot Springs

Old Town Hot Springs is an historic hot spring and recreational facility in the heart of Steamboat Springs. It's a family-friendly facility, which has been a location for recreation and rejuvenation for visitors and locals alike for over 100 years. The swimming and soaking pools served as a gathering and bathing place for the Ute Indians who first settled in the area. Then in the late 1800s, it was a social spot and a bathing place for the early homesteaders. The Old Town Hot Springs sits at an elevation of 6,700 feet and offers eight pools, including two 230-foot waterslides, a new 3,000 square foot hot activity pool, an aquatic rock climbing wall, refurbished Heart Spring pool, eight lap lanes and more. It is a multi-use complex open seven days a week, year-round. The famous Heart Spring is the source of all of the water in the pools. It pumps approximately 150 gallons per minute and comes out of the ground like an artesian well, meaning naturally without the use of pumps. The water then runs into an overflow system filling each of the pools. The pools range from 82 degrees to 103 degrees. Bathing suits are required. The pools are handicap accessible. The Old Town Hot Springs has a Fitness Center with weights and a cardiovascular area, also offering exercise classes. You can get a massage. Locker rooms, a snack bar, and childcare are also available. Suits and towels are available for rent. You can play tennis in the summer or rent the new upper deck for a party. The Old Town Hot Springs is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, located in downtown Steamboat, just three blocks to a café, store, service station, and motel, as well as two miles to overnight camping and RV hookups. Credit Cards are accepted. Location: On the north side of US 40, at the east edge of the City of Steamboat Springs.

Campgrounds and RV Parks near Northwestern Colorado

Food Hedz World Cafe

A taste of the world

You wouldn’t expect to find an award winning gourmet chef tucked away in a strip mall, but that’s exactly where Chef David Welch serves up his life’s passion.  Chef David Welch was born and raised in the American Heartland, Iowa. He moved to Summit County in 1978 at age 17, to ski. David worked as a dishwasher at the upscale Garden Room at Keystone Resort until he was hired as a night Sous Chef (the second in command). “ I fell in love with it instantly”, Welch said of cooking.  He worked his way up the ranks as an informal apprentice, learning the discipline of making everything from scratch. He rotated among high-scale restaurants in Summit and Eagle counties, and finally landed back at Keystone – this time at The Keystone Ranch. Chef Welch won Zagat’s No. 1 rating as a chef at the Keystone Ranch three years in a row. The Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association and Colorado Mountain College culinary school voted him state Chef of the Year.  After decades of cooking behind double doors, and nine years as Executive Chef at The Keystone Ranch, Welch decided to start Food Hedz World Café. He placed himself in an open café, where his customers can tell him exactly how they want their entrees prepared. “For me, the key is to see and talk to folks. You need to earn appreciation every single day, all day long. All of those medals don’t matter. It’s whether or not you like that bowl of soup or that bread.” 

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Tiger Run Resort

Full service RV luxury

Full service RV luxury at its absolute finest awaits you at Tiger Run Resort, where our extraordinary location and excellent accommodations are certain to satisfy even the most particular traveler. Cradled between the pristine Swan and Blue Rivers, sheltered by the majestic Ten Mile Mountain Range, we are your premier gateway to the finest in Rocky Mountain recreation. Extraordinary sightseeing, unique shopping, four seasons of outdoor sports, and activities of all types are at our doorstep. Historic towns and communities await the modern explorer. Hike or bike over 60 miles of scenic trails and paved bike paths, from Breckenridge to Vail. Test your fishing skills in the crystal clear Gold Medal waters of our two adjacent rivers. Challenge the slopes at world-famous nearby winter sport and ski areas. Whatever your interests, you’ll enjoy the wilds of Colorado nature in all its forms, where imagination is all that limits you. Come and see if you don’t agree!

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