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Why list with Mighway?

Backed by TH2 and their decades of experience in the tourism and RV industries, Mighway allows you to rent your vehicle to discerning travellers so you can earn money and share the experience.

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You're in control

Mighway provides all the tools you need for easy renting, and allows you to be part of the story. You get final say over who you rent to, and you're right there to let them know all your vehicle's quirks and instructions!

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We're with you all the way

The Mighway support team will be there with you every step to help and will offer tips and advice and the resources to make it easy to market you RV and manage the rental process.

See How Much You Could Make

No two RVs are alike, and RV rental demand changes across the year. The table alongside provides an idea of what you could earn by renting your RV for 15 weeks on Mighway.

Note: Earning potential is subject to vehicle age, make, model, location, condition, seasonal demand, the availability you set, and other variables. 


Sleeps 2   $3,200    $9,600
Sleeps 4   $4,800    $14,400
Sleeps 6   $5,600    $16,800

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It’s been a really positive experience engaging with different guests. We often give them suggestions where to visit and where to stay. It’s a pleasure seeing them come back happy

- Paul & Catherine

Mighway provides all the tools for easy renting.

With Mighway, you get everything you need to make renting out your RV a simple process. We handle security, payment and safety concerns, so you can enjoy the fun part – swapping stories, making friends and trading travel tips! Includes:

Lock Icon   Full Insurance

Verified Icon    Driver Vetting

Payment Icon    Payment Processing

Phone Icon    Customer Support

Pencil Icon    Tools and Templates

Let Lori tell you about how her RV collects cash, not dust.

Renter Verification

All Mighway guests must register and verify their memberships. Because they're verified, you can trust your RV's in good hands and you get the final say on every booking.

Secure Payment

All payments are processed through our secure payment system and earnings are deposited directly into your bank account. There’s no need to handle cash or chase down payments.

Easy Earnings

Renting your RV out when you’re not on the road is a great way to offset your costs. We’ll help you manage your pricing to attract the best renters and maximise returns.

Comprehensive Insurance

 Mighway’s comprehensive insurance gives you peace of mind. Rest easy in the knowledge that incidents will be covered and all renters are fully insured.

Security Deposits

All renters authorize a bond to Mighway to cover any minor damage or insurance deductible.

Tips, Tools and Support

Mighway resources make it easy to market your RV, share tips and provide advice. As well as your tips, renters have our full support with 24/7 roadside assistance.

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