California Fire Displacement

Please contact us for emergency RV accommodation.

If you have been displaced by fire, please call us for emergency accommodation.

Our thoughts go out to the those affected by the devastating fires in California. We have started to receive requests from families looking for short/medium term accommodation during this difficult time and would like to connect them with Owners that have vehicles available. We have already had some Owners kindly come forward with offers of discounts, as well as free delivery of vehicles to displaced persons. 

If you need somewhere to stay, please call us on (844) 462 9510 or fill in the linked form and we will do our best to find you a suitable vehicle.

Aldie Vervaeke, our US Operations Manager, has already provided Mighway's promotional vehicle as accommodation for a family in need. He will be your point of contact on the ground, in addition to us on the phones. 


Do you own a vehicle that you can offer to those in need?

We are looking for support from any Mighway Owners who are able to rent their vehicles to help those in need of a temporary home, as well as any RV owners who are willing to offer their RV through Mighway to people displaced by fire.

If you are, or know anyone who may be willing, please fill in the form linked below to list your vehicle, contact us on (844) 462 9299, or email so we can connect these vehicles with people in need of emergency accommodation. 

Feel free to share this to your friends if you think they may be interested.

If you have staff coming in to the area, please call us for temporary accommodation.

If you are in need of temporary accommodation for relief workers, or any other staff coming into the area at this time, we can provide longer term rentals, and have them delivered to affected areas. 

If you need somewhere for staff to stay, please call us on (844) 462 9510 and we will do our best to find you a suitable vehicle.

Looking for somewhere to park your RV?

We've had some families intererested in renting RVs, but having trouble finding somewhere to park them. Here are some locations we've found that are suitable: Hipcamp hosts are offering to host displaced residents (and their animals), free of charge. 

We will update this list as we find more.



Additional Resources

Please do your own research if you know you are near an active fire, and be ready to evacuate if conditions change. Make sure you are prepared with emergency survival supplies, as you may be required to leave at a moment's notice. Find out where to go before you have to evacuate.



If you know anyone who may need emergency accommodation, or anyone who may be willing to offer their RV to those in need, please feel free to share this page to your friends. 


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