C22 Cabover Motorhome

22' and plenty of room for 5!

The 22' Cabover is the smallest of the El Monte RVs, making it perfect for smaller groups and anyone new to driving an RV. It provides a more natural driving feel than larger vehicles and is an easy transition. It provides the same sleeping spaces as a larger RV, but in a more compact package. 

The C22 is a Class C cabover style, which means it's built on a van or truck frame, with a section attached over the cab, and the front section feels just like a van or pickup truck. It may be more compact, and built a little different to larger RV, but it can still be just as luxurious to stay in! Read more about the features of the this RV below, and make sure you check out the virtual tour!

22ft Cabover Motorhome

22 Feet of great RV! Packed with great features, including a bed over the cab of the RV, this great RV is sure to provide you and your family or friends with a great home while you are on the road. Don’t let its size fool you, tons of room for 5!

-Beds and seatbelts for 5
-Bathroom with shower
-Couch/seating for 5
-Microwave, refrigerator, oven and stovetop with rangehood
-Dual A/C and heater
-Additional storage
-Curtains and blinds for privacy

Available in California, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Washington, PennsylvaniaTexas and Utah

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22ft Cabover Motorhome

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