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About Mighway

Labelled the ‘Airbnb’ of motorhomes, Mighway is a Tourism Holdings Limited (thl) brand, and is the world’s largest operator of RV & motorhomes – both Peer to Peer and traditional rentals. Mighway is currently one of the world’s largest and fastest growing peer-to-peer motorhome rental service and has been operating in New Zealand since 2015 and launched in California in early 2017. Its plans to roll out across the US in stages from late 2017. Since then, Mighway has attracted more than 1,000 RV/motorhome owners to rent their vehicles through the platform and is growing rapidly.


Mighway was launched by thl with the initiative for motorhome owners to capitalise on the booming tourism market to provide real value for guests, while being able to earn some extra income in a safe and supported way. The service has subsequently created a tiered scheme, including variations on the themes of Mighway Local and Mighway Managed. Mighway Local takes care of security, payment and safety concerns while allowing owners who choose this option to meet up with the newcomers. Mighway Managed takes care of everything from booking requests to payment, vehicle pick-up, customer support and vehicle returns. Owners can also choose a maintenance schedule and include storage options. Leveraging off its sister companies has meant that Mighway can also align with dealers and service centres throughout the country in the event of emergency repairs.

Tourism Holdings Ltd (thl)

Tourism Holdings Limited is New Zealand’s premier tourism company and is the largest provider of vacation vehicles for rent and sale in Australia and New Zealand under the MauiBritzMighty, KEA and RV Supercentre brands. In the USA, thl own and operate the Road Bear RV Rentals and Sales and El Monte brands.Within New Zealand, thl operate Kiwi Experience and the Discover Waitomo Group which includes Waitomo Glowworm CavesRuakuri CaveAranui Cave and The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co. In 2012 thl entered in a joint venture to form RV Manufacturing Group LP, New Zealand’s largest motorhome and specialist vehicle manufacturer. RVMG LP has operations both in Auckland and Hamilton.

Mighway is able to offer great availability and lower minimum rental periods over the summer months when commercial rental operators are often fully booked. Mighway greatest point of difference is that the company encourages a strong sense of community and belonging. It’s that friendly approach to hospitality that makes the experience that much more personal and memorable. It’s not unusual for Mighway owners to sit down and have a cup of tea or coffee with their guests and share their favourite bits of the country before they hit the road to create even more memorable adventures. Vehicles listed on the Mighway range from vans to buses and everything in between.

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