Our efforts, and our tips for you!

At Mighway, we understand that as tourism operators we have an important role to play in protecting the experiences we promote.

Sustainable Motorhome Travel Tips

Getting out and enjoying your motorhome or campervan is also the perfect opportunity for you to practice green habits. Many people choose to live in campervan's because they have less of an environmental impact and reduce their carbon footprint.

Here are some tips on how you can be eco-conscious while using your motorhome or campervan, and they're great things to keep in mind whether you're an Owner of a vehicle, or just a Guest in one.

Be Kind to New Zealand's Environment

We’ve put together some easy things you can do to contribute to preserving New Zealand’s forests and wildlife.

New Zealand’s forests are wildly popular. This is especially due to the rare native plants that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!

Conservationists are doing everything possible to preserve these beautiful and precious forests in New Zealand, but they do need the help of tourists and those enjoying the land. So whether you're a Guest or an Owner, have a read of these tips and keep them in mind whenever you're out enjoying the natural environment.

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