Mighway Owner App

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Mighway Owner App

Complete inspection forms with Mighway customers

Available on iOS and Android.

Bringing the motorhome experience into the palm of your hand. Log maintenance and service checks, get registration renewal alerts, reference convenient checklists for motorhome travel plans, and more. Transform time lost owning and operating a motorhome into time spent enjoying your vehicle, hitting the open road, and relaxing on your own terms.

Once submitted, the forms will automatically be sent to the Mighway support team and the renters' email, you will have a form saved in the app to view at any point.

Note: You will not be able to login with your Mighway account and will need to create a TOGO account to use it. You can use the same credentials as your Mighway account if it makes it easier to remember, but the accounts are separate.

This app is provided by TOGO group. A FAQ section and user guide for the app can be found here.

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Guest & Vehicle Information

The Mighway Owners app ensures an easy pick-up and drop-off process so that your vehicle is ready for rental. Add guest and vehicle information upon pick-up and check the vehicle condition when they drop your motorhome back off after the rental.

Track RV Maintenance

Manage and track when your vehicle has routine maintenance checks so you know when it’s time to perform upkeep or schedule a service appointment. Select from our list of prompts or add your own so you know how and when to inflate tires, check smoke alarms, handle other vital tasks, and fully prepare for your next Mighway adventure.

Keep Service Close

Add the name, contact info, location, and website of service centers near your home, RV park, or along your route. Indicate your preferred RV service center so sending an email or making a phone call is just a simple click away when help is needed.

Set Custom Notifications

Enable custom notifications when key RV ownership details like vehicle registration are due. Enter costs, document expiration dates, and add important information and reminders in the notes section.

Checklists for RV Trips

Use checklists when packing for a trip, arriving at an RV park or campground, or prepping for your journey home. Our pre-created checklists lend support and peace of mind as you get ready to depart on your next adventure.

How do I use the app?

If you experience any problems with your guest or would like more information,

Call us on 0800 555 696 or email us at support@mighway.com