Choose your Insurance

Risk Taker or Peace of Mind?

Which option should you choose?

You’re about to go on an awesome journey with Mighway, but before you go, it’s important to know that there’s always the risk that something may go wrong with your rented vehicle. To ensure all of our Guests and Owners are fully protected and have the best experiences, we require all Mighway Guests to purchase basic accidental damage cover. However, this basic accidental damage cover comes with a $4,500 liability per event, and only basic on-road support.

That’s why we encourage all guests to upgrade to our ‘Peace of Mind’ cover. This includes a reduced liability to $500 per event, and comprehensive on-road support and financial protection, including coverage for broken windscreens, tyre blowouts, vehicle breakdowns, etc. See the table below for a comparison.


 Bolt Icon
Risk Taker
Umbrella Icon
Peace of Mind
Dollar Icon Accident Damage Liability per event $4,500 $500
Phone Icon 24/7 Roadside Support Helpline Tick Icon Tick Icon
Train Icon Alternative vehicle organised in the event of breakdown  Cross Icon Tick Icon
Wrench Icon Cost covered for tyre repair/replacement in event of a puncture/blowout Cross Icon Tick Icon
Battery Icon Cost covered for a jump-start or flat battery replacement  Cross Icon Tick Icon
Car Icon Windscreen repair costs covered Cross Icon Tick Icon
Bed Icon Accommodation in the event of breakdown  Cross Icon Tick Icon
Cost per day  $19.95 $29.95/$39.95*


*Dependent on vehicle type. $29.95 for Fifth Wheel trailers and caravans, $39.95 for Class A, B, C vehicles.