How to book

Everything you need to know about booking a campervan

Request to book

Step 1.

  • Enter your Pick up/Drop off location
  • Select the travelled dates
  • Click 'Search'

Step 2.

Refine results by:

  • Number of guests travelling
  • Transmission
  • Vehicle Type (campervan, motorhome, caravan etc.)
  • Self-containment
  • Max Price (per day)
  • Instant book

Step 3.

  • Make sure selected dates are correct
  • Add any optional add-ons (Instructions at the bottom)
  • Choose the preferred insurance coverage (Add link to Insurance)
  • Apply any Promo codes if you have any
  • Select ‘Request Booking’

Step 4.

If you do not have an account, a sign up prompt will appear.

  • Create a new account and sign up through Facebook / Togo OR entering your details.
  • You can check your bookings through the dashboard and message the owner with any further questions.

Step 5.

Once the Owner has approved your request

  • Confirm your Insurance
  • You can change it on the next step if you decide you wish to change just before you confirm your booking.

Step 6.

  • Enter your license details
    • Add another drivers license (if applicable)
  • Enter a promo code (if applicable)
  • Enter your credit card details
  • Choose to pay in full or with a deposit (if eligible)
  • Read the terms & conditions and tick agree

Confirm your booking!

Instant Booking

Instant booking means your booking will be processed instantly instead of through the normal owner approval process.

Here the owner is happy to accept the booking without reviewing the request first which means all required details will be taken as soon as you click ‘Confirm Booking.’

Your booking will be confirmed instantly after the required details are provided.


Add-Ons are an additional service to add to your trip.

This includes having an additional driver insured, having an international license translated, and renting table & chairs.

To book an add-on, scroll down to the “Add-ons” section to view add-ons

Within the add-ons section, you can then click “Add” to book that service along with the vehicle.

Vehicle Specifications

To learn more about the vehicle, you can read the "Vehicle Specifications" section.

Still having trouble booking? Contact Support


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