Fees Policy

Fees Schedule

According to the Mighway Guest Terms and Conditions, the fees policy is as follows. By confirming your booking, you are agreeing to the following fees policy, and to pay them should they be incurred.


All Fees set out in this schedule are inclusive of GST.

The Additional Charges are as set out in the below:

Additional Fee name 

Additional Fee amount  

Infringement/Traffic Violation Fee

$30 admin. fee & cost of fine; $100 admin. fee if infringement not reported

Late Return Fee

$30 pro-rated hourly cost 
If late return impacts next rental, $250 fee & full daily rate due

Cleaning Fee

As per Owner

Fuel Fee

$50 plus cost of fuel

Dumping Fee

$50 fee

Guest’s Booking Fee

10% of Rental Price

Excess Road User Charges

Road User Charges up to 200km per day are included in the Rental Price
Above that, the charge is $20 per 100kms exceeded e.g. $20 would be charged for an excess of 78km while an excess of 247km would be charged at $60

Administrative Event Fee (to cover other misc. items)

$30 to at-fault Guest plus cost of remedying situation

RV Damage Fee

$100 + cost of repair

Lost Item Fee

Owner’s listed item value or Amazons Internet retail pricing of comparable item, + 10% admin. fee


-Infringement/Traffic Violation Fee: Incurred if the Guest receives any ticket or fine associated with a traffic, parking, toll, or other Vehicle-related violation or infraction.

-Late return Fee: Incurred if the Guest returns the Vehicle after the agreed upon end of the Rental Period.

-Cleaning Fee: Incurred if the Guest returns the Vehicle in an excessively dirty state such that additional attendances will be needed to return the Vehicle to a rental-ready state.

-Fuel Fee: Incurred if the Guest returns the Vehicle with less petrol than when it was picked up at the beginning of the Rental Period.

-Dumping Fee: Incurred if the Guest fails to empty the grey water and waste tanks of the Vehicle prior to returning it.

-Guest’s Booking Fee: Incurred when a Booking is created. This fee allows Mighway to sustain the platform and provide other services, such as insurance.

-Administrative Event Fee: Incurred in the event that Mighway must handle any other issue or event that occurs during the Rental Period without an explicit fee or policy covering that issue.

-RV Damage Fee: Incurred if the Guest damages the RV, regardless of the extent of that damage.

-Lost Item Fee: Incurred if the Guest misplaces or damages any other items in the RV during the Rental Period.