Sweetheart (pet friendly)

Kingston, Otago

Sarah Sarah

  • Max Guests x4

  • Beds x2

  • Toilet

  • Manual

$200 per day

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This vehicle is not published and is not available to request.

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About this listing

BUILT FOR COMFORT NOT SPEED This 1983 campervan is an old sweetheart. You need to be very patient with her as she is very slow and she doesn't like hills but she has an updated interior, which makes amazing use of the internal space and large rear windows to enjoy the views while you are enjoying your meals. This campervan has a column change gear shift and given that she doesn't like hills, you may prefer to use her around the local Queenstown area and have a lazy holiday enjoying the abundant scenery. I definitely would not drive this old sweetheart to Wanaka, not over the crown range anyway. If you really wanted to go to Wanaka it would be best to go the long way around via Cromwell. I do drive her to Dunedin and back regularly and I have driven her up over the Lindis Pass to Christchurch a number of times but up to you if you want to do this sort of travel in her. I would say this is not your best vehicle for that. Depending where you want to drive, you may need to factor in an extra 30% of your time to get to your destination. If you are not a patient person and you want to do lots of driving, in all honesty this vehicle is not the one for you. However if you want a spacious campervan with the potential to maximise stunning views, then this old sweetheart could be for you. It will definitely help if you are experienced with column change gear shifts as this is very different from other manual vehicles. It takes time to get used to finding the positions. BED CONFIGURATION 1. There is a double luton bed with lots of height. 2. The living area converts to another double bed or one single, + a shorter single suitable for a young child. The table drops down to form the base of the double bed in the living area. Each couch has a duvet on it. I use one duvet to lie over the four pieces of foam from the couches, and the other duvet to go on top so it is very quick and easy to make up this bed. BEDDING - 2 single duvets - 1 king feather duvet - 1 double or queen duvet - 8 clean pillows, including chiropractic, feather, etc. Take your pick. - several fleece throws STORAGE FOR BAGS AND BELONGINGS The area underneath the table is great for stowing bags and belongings during travel. Then when you reach your destination you can move the items into the cab area. Above the end of the luton bed there are 7 largish cubes to put clothes in and four smaller ones for underwear etc. Please note the lockers under the couches are mainly used for housing utilities, such as gas bottles and emergency water, extra duvet, etc. LIVING AREA 2 couches + oak dining table KITCHEN The kitchen area has a larger preparation area and more cupboard space than most other campervans. It has: - two gas burners and a grill - a small fridge - a set of sharp knives - tongs, spatula, can opener, etc - cutlery - 6 setting - 4 egg cups - 4 enamel mugs - 4 airline size wine glasses - 4 dinner plates - 2 small bowls + 2 large (suitable for cereal, soup, etc) - 1 large serving bowl or salad bowl - small stainless steel fry pan - large stainless steel fry pan - 3 stainless steel pots Etc BATHROOM It is a combined toilet and shower. There is a small towel rack and a corner rack to stow shampoo, etc. Because there is not a lot of racking for towels, I have provided microfiber towels which dry quickly. The toilet is a cassette toilet. This means you open a little door on the outside to pull it out for emptying. You can empty it into a regular toilet if you are careful, otherwise a dump station is best. WATER The fresh water tank is about 70 litres and I have a tub and funnel with filter should you want to replenish your water from a lake or river. I think grey water capacity is similar. There is a hose to remove it but I prefer to empty it into a tub for disposal. There are 2x 9kg gas bottles - one in current use and a full one as a spare. There is a gas califont to heat the water. ELECTRICITY / FREEDOM CAMPING At this stage there is one solar panel but I am planning to put on a second one for lighting and to operate the pump. There is a large torch, which will provide about four hours light before needing to be charged up via the inverter. Mobile phones and other USB devices can be charged through two ports in the solar panel regulator or via the cigarette lighter with the ignition key turned on one click. There is also a small vacuum cleaner that plugs into the cigarette lighter and operates with the ignition key turned on one click. Queenstown Airport pick up and drop off can be arranged. Explore New Zealand in style and comfort, enjoy a great holiday and many great memories.

House rules

No Smoking Pets welcome with extra cleaning fee

Vehicle Details


Beds: 2
Max Guests: 4
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Canter
Year: 1983
Engine Size: 2659
Fuel Type: d
Transmission: mt

Kitchen & Dining

Hot Water
Cooktop (gas / hob)
Basic Kitchen Equipment
Tea Towels


Fly Screens
Dining Table

Bathroom & Laundry

Wash Basin




Satellite System


Fresh Water Tank
Grey Water Tank
Black Water Tank
Power Inverter
Solar Panels


Fire Extinguisher


Extra Storage
Outdoor Table
Outdoor Chairs
Bike Rack

Road User Charges (RUC)

This is charged post hire, on all kilometres driven, at a rate of $8 per 100 kilometres ($0.08 per kilometre). This distance is calculated using the signed vehicle drop-off form that is filled in with the owner. (only applies to diesel vehicles).

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Toilet & waste water emptying service - Express Return

When you’re due to return your campervan, it’s a good idea to check that you have emptied your toilet waste. I offer an Toilet & waste water emptying service Express Return to help you get away with minimal fuss once you have returned your motorhome. Add the Toilet & waste water emptying service Express Return to your booking to save time on drop-off.

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This vehicle is not published and is not available to request.