Santa's Sleigh

Cape Reinga, Northland


Max Guests x4

Beds x2


$10 per day

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Ho ho ho. This 1807 classic is still in great condition, travels at 650 miles per second and can haul 353,000 tons. Equipped with 9 flying reindeer, one of which has a bright red nasal inflammation that lights the night sky. I have had some custom amenities installed, such as: 1. A fridge stocked with Lewis Road Creamery milk. I tried to get some of the Whittakers Chocolate one, but it was sold out. But that's ok, I am trying to watch my weight anyway. 2. A bottomless cookie jar. I'm not gonna lie, I have a real cookie addiction and this jar is connected straight to the Cookie Time factory in Canterbury. #FatLife, am I right? (so much for watching my weight) 3. I have a custom robe made from merino wool in New Zealand, it's so-ho-ho comfy. Bright red with soft white edges, it's always in style this time of year and will make awesome Instagrams from 40,000ft in the sky. Your friends will be so jealous. 4. Magic. Yeah that's right, magic. Not some David Copperfield or Criss Angel lies but actual magic that makes reindeers fly and stuff. It's all gone digital, so use the app in my Apple CarPlay, push the "Magic This!" button and it'll do pretty much anything you want. Note: You do need a North Pole, Class S license for driving this vehicle.

Vehicle Details


Beds: 2
Max Guests: 4
Make: Elf Made
Model: Sleigh 2000
Year: 2015
Engine Size: 2000
Fuel Type: d
Transmission: at

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