Auckland, Auckland

Mitchell Mitchell

  • Max Guests x4

  • Beds x2

  • Manual

$115 per day

Total(GST Inc)
This vehicle is not published and is not available to request.

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About this listing

A classic Volkswagen T25 Caravelle. Built in South Africa, the smooth 5 cylinder Audi engine will have you effortlessly cruising around New Zealand in style. Fold down rear seat convert's into a large bed that easily sleeps two. Roof rack's are fitted with a Maggiolina roof tent that will sleep another two people. No more stressful searching around for accommodation. No more worries about finding a place to set up your tent before the night sets in. Continually refined for decades, the Maggiolina roof tent offers outstanding performance in any weather. It is a true four season tent, insulated so that it warm's quickly and capable of withstanding high winds.

House rules

No smoking, no pets

Vehicle Details


Beds: 2
Max Guests: 4
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Caravelle
Year: 1997
Engine Size: 2500
Fuel Type: p
Transmission: mt

Kitchen & Dining

Cooktop (gas / hob)


Bathroom & Laundry




Fresh Water Tank
Grey Water Tank



Extra Storage

Road User Charges (RUC)

This is charged post hire, on all kilometres driven, at a rate of $8 per 100 kilometres ($0.08 per kilometre). This distance is calculated using the signed vehicle drop-off form that is filled in with the owner. (only applies to diesel vehicles).

No One Way Hires

Please note that one way hires are not permitted. Mighway is a peer-to-peer platform and in most cases you're renting directly from the vehicle owner, as such vehicles must be picked up and dropped off at the same location.


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Additional Driver

For each additional driver, you'll need to pay a small fee for insurance and administration purposes. Once you've added this option, we'll be in touch to get the details of your additional driver, please ensure you have a copy of their license ready.

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Drivers License Translation

If you have a drivers license in a language other than English, you'll be required to translate this by a certified translation service. We can arrange this for you, simply add-on this option and we'll get your certified translation within 1 working day.

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This vehicle is not published and is not available to request.