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Discover Whanganui

Welcome to Whanganui

Whanganui is located on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island and is a 2 ½ hour drive from the capital city of Wellington. Whanganui, also spelled Wanganui, rests at the crossroads of State Highways 3 and 4.One of the most spectacular features of Whanganui is its picturesque view. It’s surrounded by mountains: Mount Taranaki, Mount Ruapehu and Mount Tongariro. Together they create a dramatic natural landscape second to none.

Don’t forget about Whanganui National Park and its lush, picturesque landscape. The Bridge to Nowhere is a main attraction here, but so is the thick plant life. In and around Whanganui, there is plenty to do on foot or with bicycles as residents here love to get out and stretch their legs. In the winter, there is still plenty to see even if you travel here by campervan . No matter how you get here, visitors are welcome to this popular spot. There is plenty to do year-round in Whanganui, but wintertime opens the door to a myriad of unique and diverse activities.

And if outdoor activities aren’t for you, the Whanganui Winter Garden is open year-round and offers splendid displays in any season. The adjoining art garden features unique sculpture pieces to check out. Whanganui is also rich in history and culture. St. Paul’s Memorial Church in Putiki, Whanganui is one of the most beautifully constructed churches in all of New Zealand. The church site dates back to 1842, while the current church building was constructed in 1936. The Maori tukutuku panelling or weavings with their beautiful and intricate lattice designs detail the history of the church and the area. It’s definitely a must-see. Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or the casual tourist, Whanganui has something wonderful to offer everyone this winter. Hire a campervan with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

Getting to Whanganui

I had an absolutely amazing time recently, out cruising through the Waikato and Taranaki in a Mighway camper van. The van came with everything I could possibly need, and the easy communication from the head office was great. I'd definitely recommend travelling through New Zealand by camper van - there's so much to see, and you'll just miss it if you fly!

- Elizabeth H.


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Skiing and Snowboarding

Mount Ruapehu offers a world class skiing experience with a collective 1,000 plus hectares of skiable terrain. Mount Ruapehu has two premier ski fields--Whakapapa and Turoa. Both give skiers and snowboarders of all levels magnificent areas to test their skills and enjoy the slopes with ease.

Walking and Hiking

Two national parks, conservation areas as well as forest reserves make the Ruapehu region one of New Zealand’s unsurpassed walking and hiking destinations. Both the seasoned hiker ready to take to the trails and the family looking for a short, scenic walk will find the Mount Ruapehu region has something wonderful to offer.

Mountain Biking

In Whanganui the mountains make the perfect backdrop scenery for a spectacular biking experience. Choose the classic middle North Island canopy or kick things up a notch by traversing the forest valley trails testing your mettle in the thick mountain mud. Either way the Ruapehu region has magnificent mountain biking opportunities in winter.

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