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Discover the West Coast

Welcome to the West Coast

The West Coast region of New Zealand’s South Island is a hauntingly beautiful collection of natural attractions that will blow your mind. This sparsely populated region is a popular tourist attraction for its many and varied natural attractions.

The West Coast comprises of the Buller, Grey and Westland districts, with the primary towns being Hokitika, Greymouth and Westport. Because it spans such a large geographic distance, particularly for a South Island region, the climate on the West Coast varies. This region is paticularly known for its incredible natural features, from a long and varied coastline to mountains and glaciers. Of specific interest are the rock formations that occur throughout, including pancake rocks and natural arches.

Your winter holiday to the West Coast is the perfect excuse to try out all of the adventure you’ve been missing out on as you go about your daily life! Go for a walk on a glacier or check out a romantic bed and breakfast with your spouse. Whether you’re in town for an epic adventure or family vacation, the West Coast is a stunning choice for your winter getaway.

The best way to see the West Coast is driving around in your own campervan. Rent a motorhome with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

Getting to the West Coast

Over Labour Weekend, a friend and I hired two motorhomes and took our kids for a tour around the Kauri Coast, Hokianga, Bay of Islands and Tutukaka Coast. We had heaps of fun and the kids absolutely loved the adventure.

- Justin


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Oparara Arches

The Oparara Arches are a natural rock formation that feature limestone arches, whiskey-colored water features, caves, a rainforest and moa bones all in one location. Kahurangi National Park houses this gorgeous natural area, which is accessible year-round for your convenience. Take a hike or schedule a guided tour through the unforgettable Honeycomb Caves.

Punakaiki Rocks

The most visited West Coast destination, the Punakaiki pancake rocks and blowholes are an absolute must-see when you stay on the West Coast. The pancake rocks are 30 million years in the making. These are weathered limestone features that have been worn away by ocean erosion to create natural blowholes that spew sea spray all year long. This unforgettable site is one the kids are sure to love!

Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers

Step out onto a glacier with a guided tour to experience one of the only regions where the weather is cold enough to consistently lay ice down. The Franz Josef and Fox glaciers are particularly beautiful during the winter months and show off the region’s natural topography and unique climate in a tantalizingly visual way. The best way to see these glaciers is with a helicopter tour.

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