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Discover Taupo

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Taupo, New Zealand provides a huge amount of amazement and enjoyment. Taupo is beautiful, fun, and extreme! It’s an amazing destination to relax, with its picturesque scenery and spa-like experience. Taupo is the perfect vacation spot for the extreme sport lovers, as there are plenty of sporting activities to enjoy, including water sports on Great Lake Taupo. You can also experience adventure at every intensity level - from relaxing Golf, to extreme skydiving, there is so much adventure and excitement in Taupo that you’ll never want to leave!

Taupo is more than sports and spas, it’s also a great place to experience diverse culture and events. There are annual sporting events, and artistic and cultural events often take place in Taupo. There are year-round events for whenever you choose to visit.

You won't have to limit yourself in Taupo. You can hike, bike, jet ski, skydive and everything in between. Whether you want an active vacation or a relaxing getaway, Taupo, New Zealand is an amazing vacation spot.

Hire a campervan with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

Getting to Taupo

We toured the west coast and Central Otago for 2 weeks, we had the most amazing time thanks to the fantastic camper we hired from Rick and Sue. Being free to decide where we stopped made the tour so enjoyable.

- Ross


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Sporting Activities

There are countless water activities to participate in while visiting Taupo. Many of these include water sports on Great Lake Taupo. You can even go river rafting on Tongariro River for an awesome adrenaline rush. Water skiing, jet boating, and fishing are among a few other water sports to enjoy. You can also join a river cruise, or hop on a sail boat, taking you through the amazing scenery in Taupo, a spectacular view you won't want to miss.


The adventurous at heart will have a blast in Taupo. Explore the beautiful scenery and get in touch with nature, with Taupo’s many hiking and biking trails. There’s informative signage to direct you on the trails, so you can feel free to go wherever the path takes you, without worrying about getting lost. Whether you would like to take a leisurely walk by the lake, or a high-intensity hike in the park, there's all kinds of adventure waiting for you in Taupo.


Among all the awesome activities to choose from, you’ve got the option to just relax and pamper yourself. The scenery in Taupo is beautiful and serene, which can be enjoyed from a boat ride on the lake or a walk along its shore. Taupo is also home to hot pools, some occurring naturally. Hot pools provide peace, quiet, and relaxation. There are also cultural and artistic events to enjoy year-round, for when you just want to chill out while you’re exploring.

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