One Week Canterbury Roadtrip

From Christchurch to Geraldine and back!

One Week Christchurch Round Trip

For those looking for a journey that carries a taste of the real New Zealand, there are few better routes to take than a round trip run from Christchurch south to Geraldine. Here are the highlights of the best routes to take and a few don’t-miss opportunities for sightseeing and taking in the scenery along the way.

This round trip tour of the beautiful New Zealand countryside is easy to follow and takes you through some of the best the island nation has to offer. If you are planning a trip in the near future and want to bring your accommodations with you, pick up a motorhome from a local owner with Mighway. Our team is dedicated to helping you make your dream road trip of inland New Zealand an affordable reality.

Day One: Christchurch to Oxford

56km, ~1 hour

The best route to Oxford is via Inland 72 north and west through the Canterbury farm country. Many locals offer bed-and-breakfast stays, or a place to park your motorhome, for the cost of lending a hand on the farm that day, so definitely check into these unique accommodation arrangements. While you’re there, be sure to stop by Oxford Forest, and take a walk along Ryde Falls for an easy going but memorable hike.

Day Two: Oxford to Methven

80km, ~1 hour

Keep following the Inland Scenic Route to the town of Methven, where you will find yourself at the foot of Mount Hutt and the Southern Alps. Winter and early spring visitors can enjoy all the best of winter sports New Zealand has to offer, while summer and autumn visitors can enjoy hikes along the Mount Somers Walkway— a 10 hour journey that wends its way through the old coal mines, volcanic formations, river canyons, tussock lands, and classic rugged bush country. Fans of rafting and boating definitely need to visit Rakaia Gorge while they are in town, and the Rangitata River is suitable for all levels of rafting and boating skill.

Day Three: Methven to Geraldine

70km ~1 hour

Less than an hour outside Methven is the quaint little hamlet of Geraldine nestled among the foothills of the mountains. Fans of shopping and small town New Zealand life will find Geraldine to be the highlight of their trip. There are also eight ski fields within two hours’ drive of Geraldine, perfect for any winter visitors.

Day Four: Geraldine to Ashburton

50km, ~40 mins

Ashburton is the central hub town for the agricultural industry in the area, though you’d never know it walking down main street among the art galleries and craft boutiques. As a city between two rivers, Ashburton is also an extremely popular spot for fly fishing, and the waters run rife with salmon and sea-run trout.

Day Five: Ashburton to Akaroa

140km, ~2 hours

Though it is by far the longest leg of the trip, the journey from Ashburton to the former French colonial city of Akaroa is well worth the effort. The colonial era architecture, fine French cuisine, and numerous museums and tours ensure that your visit will be both full of both beautiful views and educational information about the history of New Zealand.

Day Six: Akaroa to Christchurch

80km, ~1.5 hours

On this final day of the journey, you will be making your way back from Akaroa to Christchurch. The city is always growing and changing every year, and it takes quite some time to see everything there is to see. No matter when you visit or how many times you have been there, you will always find something new or interesting you missed on your last visit.