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Discover Kaipara

Welcome to Kaipara

Kaipara is a area within Northland and is a little off the beaten path. This hilly region features plenty of natural highlights, from fantastic hiking trails to plenty of water activities.

While there aren’t any metropolitan areas in rural Kaipara, there are plenty of places to stay and enjoy the local community. Community spirit is strong, particularly in Dargaville, which is the largest settlement in the region.

You can experience the simple pleasures of shopping at local markets or taking advantage of coastal facilities for chartering your own boating or fishing excursion. If you’re looking for a restful and relaxing low-key winter holiday, Kaipara may well be the destination for you.

The climate in Kaipara is temperate, neither overly hot in the summers nor too cool in the winters. Because of its coastal proximity, it’s always a good idea to bring along extra layers and prepare for the potential of inclement weather during your visit.

Visiting Kaipara is sure to be a trip that your family won’t soon forget. Whether you’re bringing the whole crew or getting away on an excursion with just a few friends, Kaipara has plenty to offer the casual vacationer.

Getting around the Kaipara is half the fun. Book a camper with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

Getting to Kaipara

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Kai Iwi

The Kai Iwi Lakes are a camper’s paradise in the North Island. With plenty of coast to explore and spread your tent and barbecue, this location is the perfect place to simply get away from it all. In addition to swimming, there are plenty of other outdoor attractions at Kai Iwi, including cycling, hiking, and fishing.

Ripiro Beach

At Ripiro Beach, you can enjoy lovely scenery and the crash of ocean waves upon golden dunes any time of the year. Ripiro Beach the longest drivable beach in New Zealand, making it an ideal location year-round. Ripiro is also an important environmental location that holds a lot of answers to age old earth dating questions, so this destination is educational, as well.

Kauri Museum

Make the most of chilly or rainy days by ducking inside to the Kauri Museum. This cultural destination features exhibits, collections, and demonstrations that bring history to life. Let the kids check out old artifacts and learn more about media and economic development in New Zealand and beyond.

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