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Discover Nelson

Welcome to Nelson

Nelson is the oldest city on New Zealand’s South Island, established by European settlers in 1841. The region is a vibrant arts and culture district, and boasts some of the best biking trails in the world.

Nelson has some awesome expansive beaches and a sheltered natural harbour. The area is mostly mountains, which outdoor activities a particular thrill. Nelson also features caves and caverns that are some of the deepest and most popular in the Southern Hemisphere. The climate is quite comfortable thanks to its ocean borders - summers are warm and winters mild, making this a desirable vacation spot all year long. Winter does bring its fair share of stores, but with the amount of indoor entertainment options and cultural points of interest, there is plenty of reason to visit during the winter months.

From culinary attractions to exciting recreation opportunities, Nelson is a haven for winter adventurers looking for something a little off the beaten path. There’s no better way to see Nelson in the winter time than traveling in the comfort a motorhome. Hire a campervan with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

Getting to Nelson

The camper was brilliant and had everything you could imagine on it. Including DVDs and a picnic table. I will be recommending Mighway to anyone who has a camper sitting around that they aren't using.

- Nikki C.


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Hobbit Film Locations

One of the most exciting things about Nelson is its spectacular views and mountain ranges. This region features many of the locations used for filming the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Check out Mount Olympus and Owen to see some of the landscape that was used to create the mythical Mines of Moira and Dimrill Dale. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can take a guided horse trek through some of the featured areas.


Nelson is known as the Heart of Biking in New Zealand. Thanks to its temperate winter days, cyclists flock to this region year round. Spooners Tunnel, a converted and decommissioned rail tunnel, attracts riders from all over the country for its heritage value and exhilarating trail ride. The International Mountain Bicycling Association rates the Nelson region as one of only six Gold Ride Cetres in the world.

July Events

This July, two Nelson events, the Light Nelson Festival and the Feast for the Senses, happen simultaneously. These events feature stunning art installments and incredible gastronomic options as the highlight of your winter. From illuminated night cycling to crazy exhibits, this event is sure to please visitors of all ages. We are pretty sure that you’ll see Nelson in a whole new light after visiting this July spectacular.

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