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Discover Fiordland

Welcome to Fiordland

Fiordland is in the southwestern corner of New Zealand’s South Island and is a breathtaking Alpine oasis you won’t want to miss. This magical natural wonderland is crowded with snow-covered Alps and unparalleled lakes and valleys, courtesy of thousands of years of melting glaciers crisscrossing the land.

For the outdoor lovers, there’s no competition when it comes to tours by boat, horse, or foot. Fiordland has heaps of fiords and highlands to explore by whatever mode of transportation suits your fancy. From waterfalls to tranquil lakes and caves, Fiordland is a natural playground to satisfy your curiosity for outdoor adventure. Gorgeous at any time of the year, Fiordland is particularly enchanting during winter, when the snowy mountains display their most brilliant faces. Virtually untouched by human inhabitation, Fiordland is one of the last wild vistas in southern New Zealand.

If you want to get off the grid and get your feet dirty, Fiordland should be top your list of winter holiday destinations. This unforgettable spot is a can’t-miss trip for the hiking and adventure enthusiast. Hire a campervan with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

Getting to Fiordland

I'm very pleased we found the Mighway website and were able to find a solution for the lack of Hotels in Napier. Also pleased to meet Paul and rent his camper "ERL" - Paul was very accommodating - he's obviously very proud of his vehicle and maintains it well. We'll certainly look at this as an option for future trips around NZ.

- John S.


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Glowworm Caves

The Te Anau Glowworm Caves are continually geologically active, making them alive by geological terms. Continually shaped by moving waters and home to colonies of glowworm inhabited caverns, these caves are a must for vacationers to Fiordland. They are accessible only by guided tour, so make sure you check with them to schedule your visit.

Milford Sound

Described by Rudyard Kipling as the “eighth wonder of the world”, Milford Sound is a breathtaking site that you simply can’t miss when you stay in Fiordland. With two waterfalls - the Lady Bowen and Stirling Falls - and rock covered crags surrounding the open water, Milford Sound has a different face for every season. The Sound attracts a host of wildlife, including seals, penguins, dolphins, and even whales, to become one of the most exciting places and popular tourism destinations in all New Zealand.

Hiking Options

With its towering peaks and stunning marshlands, Fiordland is a hiker’s dream destination. Choose from guided tours or scout out on your own with a buddy or two for the ultimate trip. The 53-kilometre long Milford Track is a famous New Zealand walking trail through the area, as are the Lake Gunn and the Lake Monowai and Borland nature walks.

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