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Discover Clutha

Welcome to Clutha

Clutha is the southernmost district located on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Clutha is home to small towns and farming communities, and the locals enjoy a reputation of being friendly and helpful.

The Clutha River, known for its scenery, gold-rush history, and clear blue waters, runs throughout the region. It is the longest river in New Zealand. Besides the Clutha River, there are many other clear, deep rivers ripe for fishing and other fun activities.

Clutha is also home to some of the most beautiful natural beaches in New Zealand as these coastal waters teem with wildlife. From stunning natural and petrified forests, waterfalls, and beaches, the region is perfect for hiking, biking and exploring the best nature has to offer.

While some areas of the South Island can get fairly cold in winter, most of Clutha is coastal which is usually less cold. Clutha is an excellent choice for a winter vacation, and the best way to enjoy it is from the comfort of your own private motorhome. Hire a campervan with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

Getting around Auckland

The camper was brilliant and had everything you could imagine on it. Including DVDs and a picnic table. I will be recommending Mighway to anyone who has a camper sitting around that they aren't using.

- Nikki C.


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The Catlins Forest Park

The Catlins are an untouched paradise, home to a beautiful forest full of natural waterfalls and a myriad of walking paths, making it a great destination for hiking and sightseeing. If you decide to continue to Nugget Point, you find a spot to view seals, sea lions and penguins living in their natural home. There is a lighthouse at the end of this trail, which is perfect for more spectacular photos, even during the winter time.

Southern Scenic Route

Another fabulous way to experience Clutha is by driving the Southern Scenic Route. The route starts in Dunedin and finishes in Queenstown. Not only does the drive wind its way through the best of Clutha, it does so while offering unwavering scenic beauty. Make the most of the drive by stopping often and enjoying the various attractions this drive has to offer. Many fun adventures await, including wildlife spotting, wine tasting and more.

Gold Mining in Lawrence

Finally, you can immerse yourself in the gold mining history of Clutha by visiting Lawrence, one of the many historical mining towns here. You can try your hand at gold panning there. You could also ride the Clutha Gold Trail, which showcases the early gold mining heritage of the area. The trail is a comfortable ride that can take about two days, offering many adventures along the way.

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