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Discover Bay of Plenty

Welcome to Bay of Plenty

Thanks to relatively mild winters on the northern coast of North Island, Bay of Plenty lives up to its name in terms of things to do in the area. Bay of Plenty is New Zealand’s warmest region, and even during the winter, average temperatures hover between 9 and 16 degrees Celsius.

There are many beaches along the 129km stretch of the bay, and the warm climate brings a lot of people here. As such, Tauranga is an urban centre nestled up to the beach, with about 134,000 people. Even though it may be too cold to go in the water in winter, a walk along the beach still lets you see the beautiful blue waters and stunning vistas alongside beach attractions on the edge of the city.

Three mountains in the area’s western portion, most notably Mount Maunganui, offer fantastic views of the bay and the city. These beautiful areas also play an important part of New Zealand history. Maori legend says that migration canoes made landfall in the Bay of Plenty as the Maori people settled in this region. James Cook made first contact with the Maori in 1769, and he named this area Bay of Plenty for the abundant food sources here.

Winter time doesn’t dampen people’s spirits in Bay of Plenty. Although there’s not a lot of snow in this coastal region for winter-time fun, you can stay active in the Bay of Plenty with plenty to do. Getting to Bay of Plenty is half the fun. Rent a motorhome with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

Getting to Bay of Plenty

Not only is New Zealand a beautiful country but the people are just so kind & helpful as well. Our experience dealing with Mighway and the staff was great and they where more than helpful with any questions or issues that we had.

- Kerrie H.


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McLaren Falls Park

McLaren Falls Park represents an historic horticultural area on 190 hectares, 10 minutes outside of Tauranga City. Walk along trail to the waterfall and see the glow worms on the way if you walk after dusk. During the day, the park has plenty to offer winter visitors, including vehicle paths to picnic areas and barbecue pits for cooking. The park entry closes at 5:30 p.m. in the winter, but you can still get back out of the park, so stay late to see the glow worms!

Harbour Cruises

Take a day or night tour of the harbour aboard a custom-built yacht that takes you and your family on a two- or three-hour cruise along the coastline. Get a view of the city and the mountains like you’ve never seen. Kids 12 and under are free, so this is a family-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy. If you want a longer excursion, you can take a picnic cruise to one of the scenic islands nearby.

Mt Maunganui

No trip to the Bay of Plenty is complete without a trek up Mount Maunganui. From the top, you can see the harbour, the city, the beach, boats coming and going, and the surrounding islands. The walk is about 4 kilometres long, and it takes a few hours to complete. Even in winter time, it’s a beautiful view you can’t miss. Watch out for the steep cliffs at the top as there are no safety rails to hold onto at the top.

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