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Discover Auckland

Welcome to Auckland

Auckland is New Zealand’s most populous city and there is no shortage of amazing winter activities in which to partake while visiting. This North Island city is an economic hub of the country and offers plenty of cultural and adventure activities - there truly is something for everyone! All roads lead to Auckland, so it's a great start and end point for any North Island trip.

The topography of Auckland features many intriguing natural highlights. From copious gulfs and bays to scenic mountains, there is certainly no shortage of lush outdoor beauty to set the scene for your perfect winter getaway. Whether you’re traveling with family or on a weekend trip with your sweetheart, you’ll find plenty to do - both indoors and out.

Auckland has mild and slightly wet winters, which makes it an ideal option for summer vacationers. Snow rarely falls in the region, and even though winter is the rainy season, Auckland still has plenty of sunshine to go around.

Great winter weather means that you can participate in any Auckland activities without worrying too much about wearing the right garb or dealing with nasty winter storms. Simply travel with a good pair of wellies and some comfortable layers and you can see and do whatever you want while in town.

What a better way to travel from Auckland than with a motorhome. Hire a campervan with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

Getting around Auckland

The camper was brilliant and had everything you could imagine on it. Including DVDs and a picnic table. I will be recommending Mighway to anyone who has a camper sitting around that they aren't using.

- Nikki C.


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Coast to Coast Walkway

Auckland is situated on New Zealand’s narrowest bit of land, where there are only 16 kilometres between the two coasts. This easy daytrip travels through scenic countryside and, of course, gives you gorgeous views of the coast from both sides. You can start your journey in the east coast and travel to the west, finishing your trip at Manukau Harbour.

Waiheke Island Wineries

Waiheke Island, also known as Auckland’s isle of wine is the perfect romantic getaway anytime of the year, only forty minutes away by ferry. There are 30 wineries on the island, each of which shows off a certain aspect of the exciting New Zealand wine culture. Sign up for a wine tasting tour or enjoy pristine white sand beaches.

Auckland War Museum

The Auckland War Memorial Museum features the world’s largest collection of Maori treasures, or taonga, as their locally known. From the smallest statuettes to large meeting house and canoe relics, you can learn get a great glimpse into ancient Maori culture and its influence in New Zealand. Bring the family along for this fun and educational trip.

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