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Whanganui is located on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island and is a 2 ½ hour drive from the capital city of Wellington. Whanganui, also spelled Wanganui, rests at the crossroads of State Highways 3 and 4.One of the most spectacular features of Whanganui is its picturesque view. It’s surrounded by mountains: Mount Taranaki, Mount Ruapehu and Mount Tongariro. Together they create a dramatic natural landscape second to none. Don’t forget about Whanganui National Park and its lush, picturesque landscape. The Bridge to Nowhere is a main attraction here, but so is the thick plant life. In and around Whanganui, there is plenty to do on foot or with bicycles as residents here love to get out and stretch their legs. In the winter, there is still plenty to see even if you travel here by campervan . No matter how you get here, visitors are welcome to this popular spot. There is plenty to do year-round in Whanganui, but wintertime opens the door to a myriad of unique and diverse activities. And if outdoor activities aren’t for you, the Whanganui Winter Garden is open year-round and offers splendid displays in any season. The adjoining art garden features unique sculpture pieces to check out. Whanganui is also rich in history and culture. St. Paul’s Memorial Church in Putiki, Whanganui is one of the most beautifully constructed churches in all of New Zealand. The church site dates back to 1842, while the current church building was constructed in 1936. The Maori tukutuku panelling or weavings with their beautiful and intricate lattice designs detail the history of the church and the area. It’s definitely a must-see. Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or the casual tourist, Whanganui has something wonderful to offer everyone.

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Places to Visit near Whanganui

Quartz Museum

The museum houses more than 400 works in the collection. Ceramic works are also borrowed from private collections for special exhibitions at the museum and each year an installation is commissioned. This is a wonderful addition to Whanganui’s art world and a “must see”!

New Zealand Glassworks

New Zealand Glassworks provides a contemporary gallery space at an international level, featuring some of New Zealand’s most respected and collected artists in this field. Seasonal exhibitions, a retail outlet and online shop. You will discover contemporary art glass and limited edition works.

Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua

Set the heart of Taupō Quay, the Sarjeant on the Quay’s shop specialises in exclusive gifts including jewellery, objects & glass.

The Sarjeant holds more than 8 000 artworks in its collection with a comprehensive NZ art history from the 1840’s to the present day.

The iconic neoclassical Sarjeant Gallery at Queens Park is set to undergo a $35 million redevelopment and although closed, remains a Whanganui “must see” site.

Whanganui Regional Museum

Set in the heart of Whanganui’s cultural centre on Queens Park, the Whanganui Regional Museum offers visitors a rare experience – a journey into the hearts and minds of the people of Whanganui, and a look at their treasures, their loves and hates, their everyday lives and their dramas, their history and their future.

When the ordinary is exchanged for the extraordinary, you know you’re in Whanganui. Famed for its Taonga Māori Collection, you can see the exceptional creations of the tūpuna (ancestors) of today’s Whanganui River Māori.

Settlers and their struggles, the natural world of Whanganui and the creation of a mature and sometimes controversial town are interpreted in a changing exhibition programme with a world-class collection.

Children can find plenty to do and see. Spend time browsing in the Museum Shop which features local and Māori jewellery, books, cards and other New Zealand-made items.

Campgrounds and Parks near Whanganui

Blyth Street

Self contained campervans can stay here overnight. It's a beatiful view over the city, and only a short walk down to the main street and markets on a Saturday morning. Slanted parking, no leveled spaces available.

Visit Blyth Street

Babbage Place

Free campsite for self contained campervans. Lovely place with lot of duck and other bird, lake. Windy and near the road but good for one or 2 night. Toilets open 24h.

Visit Babbage Place

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