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Arthur’s Pass represents engineering mastery in a beautiful landscape. You’ll see forests and rivers along this scenic drive, many areas ready for adventure. Mighway recommends at least 3 days here. Arthur’s Pass is a key link between east and west, but it is also known for its immense natural beauty, and rare flora and fauna. Since becoming a National Park in 1929, Arthur’s Pass has gained a worldwide reputation for alpine recreation, as well as for its stunning natural history. A three-day, breathtaking trip from coast-to-coast in New Zealand is a great start for your trip, and defines the Great Alpine Highway. This highest pass across the Southern Alps hosts the alpine parrot or kea and other New Zealand animal life. And, if you have time for more adventure, hiking, mountaineering, skiing and snowboarding allow you to see the beauty of New Zealand up close and personal. Hire a campervan with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

On The Road: Arthur's Pass

Discover the natural wonders of the deep South. Our intrepid host, Tim, kicks off the 2nd half of our "On the Road" series by exploring this incredible region. Filled with epic mountainous drone shots, waterfalls and Tim's crew, reenacting The Lion King's famous Pride Rock scene, you'll be in for a few laughs and will be inspired to book your next South Island holiday. When you're ready to book your adventure, we recommend you book a camper with Mighway and see for yourself. Don’t forget to follow our “On the Road” series on YouTube for more great inspiration on regions to visit throughout New Zealand.

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