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The Hokianga is an area surrounding the Hokianga Harbour, also known as the Hokianga River, a long estuarine drowned valley on the west coast in the north of the North Island of New Zealand. The original name, still used by local Māori, is Te Kohanga o Te Tai Tokerau ("the nest of the northern people") or Te Puna o Te Ao Marama ("the wellspring of moonlight"). The full name of the Harbour is Te Hokianga-nui-a-Kupe — "the place of Kupe's great return".

Places to Visit near Hokianga

Hokianga Express Charters

Hokianga Express Charters is a family owned and operated business, which has serviced the national and international tourist market since 1992. Our fully qualified staff provide a reliable, friendly service all year round. Based in Opononi on the shores of the beautiful Hokianga harbour, home of “Opo” the world famous “friendly dolphin” in the 1950’s. Our two aluminium vessels are licensed by Maritime NZ to carry 19 and 50 passengers respectively. Our charter work transports people from Opononi wharf across the harbour to the magnificent sand dunes, to experience the unique activity of sandboarding. This involves sliding down the sand dunes on sandboards. At high tide you are able to slide out over the clean, clear waters of the Hokianga Harbour. Departure times 7 days a week: 10am & hourly pending passenger numbers and weather conditions. Bookings essential.

Opononi Hotel

With magnificent harbour views, situated near the mouth of the Hokianga Harbour and 15 minutes drive from Kauri giant of the forest, “Tane Mahuta”, the Opononi Resort Hotel is ideally placed for those travellers wishing to explore this beautiful and historic area of Northland.

The hotel has ten harbour-side hotel rooms – designer decorated and all with private balconies with sea views.

Scenic Jetty

There are nice views from the roadside, we can highly recommended a short stop in Opononi at the jetty.

Campgrounds and Parks near Hokianga

Waipu Caves

A self-guided underground adventure!

The Waipu Caves are completely undeveloped, unguided and absolutely free. Entry is at your own risk. The Cave System is considered regionally important for geomorphology, because it includes the largest cave passage in Northland. Bones of bats, birds, amphibians and reptiles may be found along with the remains of fossil invertebrates. Entry to the cave is wide and the ground can be muddy. Stalactites hang from the ceiling and just to the left of the entrance is an enormous stalagmite. Even with torches, it is recommended that you pause inside the cave’s entrance for a few minutes to allow your eyes to adjust.

Continuing in, there are no tracks or paths in the cave and wading through water and clambering over mud banks may be necessary. There is a cold shower outside the cave that you can use to clean up afterwards. In places, it will be narrow and tight. The cave is in three sections with the third chamber being the best for viewing the ‘galaxy’ of glow-worms. This area also features limestone /karst rocks and boulders that have weathered into beautiful, surreal shapes. These rocks provide habitats for plant that grow on calcerous soils.

Visit Waipu Caves

Twilight Campsite

Camp in a picturesque setting overlooking beautiful Twilight beach.

Camp in a picturesque setting overlooking beautiful Twilight beach. Only accessible on foot and with minimal facilities, this is the spot for those seeking a true wilderness experience. Positioned at the southern end of Twilight Beach, this is an excellent spot to explore long, unspoiled beaches, towering dunes and unique wetlands. A perfect place for fishing, walking, relaxing, or as a stop off point for hikers embarking on the stunning Te Paki Coastal Track. Before setting out contact the DOC Kaitaia office for an update on the condition of the tracks. Pandora forms part of the Te Paki Coastal Track. This stunning 3-4 day tramp follows the dramatic coastline of the east and west, and traverses a variety of beautiful and unique landforms including giant sand dunes. It offers spectacular views and also accesses areas of historic and archaeological interest. Self- sufficient camping is available. * Mosquitoes prolific – take insect repellent. * Always thoroughly clean your equipment (cars / shoes / camping gear etc.) before and after trips to minimise spreading invasive pests, weeds, and diseases. * Water from tap is rainwater, so the available water supply is subject to rainfall * No fires at any time. 'Contained flame' (gas) barbeques and cookers are fine, but not open flames or fires. * No fireworks at any time. * No domestic animals permitted in campground. * No rubbish bins on site. Please remove your rubbish. 'Take in, take out' policy. Food scraps attract vermin. * Nearest rubbish transfer station is at Houhora. * Read the camp rules.

Visit Twilight Campsite

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