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Kaiapoi is a town in the Waimakariri District of the Canterbury region, in the South Island of New Zealand. The town is located approximately 17 kilometres north of central Christchurch, close to the mouth of the Waimakariri River. It is considered to be a satellite town of Christchurch, although in the Waimakariri for statistical purposes it is part of the Christchurch urban area. In the 2006 census, the population of the town was 10,200, with a further 1,700 residents in the surrounding area. This represents a growth rate of 11% over the previous five years. Kaiapoi suffered extensive damage in the 2010 Canterbury and also the February 2011 Christchurch earthquakes, which rendered many homes uninhabitable and businesses inoperable.

Places to Visit near Kaiapoi

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

If you were going to invent an animal you probably wouldn’t do this: give it some mammal features, like two heavily muscled back legs, functioning ovaries, heavy bone marrow and cat like whiskers then plonk on some bird features, such as feathery hair, a very long beak with nostrils perched at the end and the ability to lay an egg – and just for a joke make it the largest egg in proportion to body size than any other species so it’s really hard to look after – and then as a second joke don’t give it any wings so all the poor bugger can do is grub around on the ground. If a creature like that existed you would hope there would be millions of them so they would survive. Fortunately, the kiwi population used to be just that, around five million, now it’s been depleted to 50 to 60,000 birds.

It’s distressing that there are so few around now as the chicks and eggs are very vulnerable to possums, stoats, ferrets, feral cats, pigs and dogs. We all do our bit to protect them and one of the best places in the South Island to witness kiwis first hand is Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. Here the kiwis are housed in two hectares of natural enclosure which gives you incredibly good visibility, especially after dark as you can watch the breeding pairs do the moonlight fandango under the stars – which is, according to Willowbank a world first.

Aside from the inquisitive kiwis at Willowbank, there are the other 'top five' kea, kaka, tukahe, tuatara, plus peacocks, monkeys, chimps, turtles, otters, deer, wallabies, donkeys (and rides), pigs, sheep, chickens, Clydesdale horses, goats, llamas, tractors, gibbons, more pigs, trout, swan, eels, blue whistling ducks (rare), salmon, parakeet, owls, tuataras, loads of birds including the mischievous kea, the world’s only mountain parrot.

Willowbank is not like a zoo, it’s more like a trip through natural New Zealand flora and fauna. Its spacious and the animals are housed in as close to their natural habitat as possible. You can look, touch and feed the native wildlife too – although it’s optional with the eels. There is Maori (Ko Tane) cultural performances on offer every evening with complimentary return transport and an award-winning restaurant to feast in.

Canterbury Museum

Rare Maori artefacts and the stories behind them will fascinate you. See the famous Paua Shell House recreated in the Museum. Walk down the Christchurch Street and be transported back in time with the sights and sounds of pioneering days. Discover the heroic age of exploration and discovery in the Antarctic subcontinent.

The museum store selects the best New Zealand-inspired arts, crafts and souvenirs. From paua to penguins, pottery to pounamu, the friendly staff will help to find the perfect gift.

The cafe offers views of the Botanic Gardens for you to enjoy. Choose from a selection of delicious sweet and savoury goodies and expertly made espresso coffee. Relax, refresh and enjoy.

International Antarctic Centre

Located next to Christchurch International Airport, and open every day of the year, the International Antarctic Centre has a huge range of experiences guaranteed to entertain the whole family. Be chilled in our incredible Antarctic storm room. Be thrilled on an all-terrain vehicle tour. Make friends with penguins and huskies. Learn about the first expeditions, modern day life on Scott Base and the future of humanity on the ice. Be amazed through the big screen ice tour and astonished within the immersive 4D theatre. In just a few hours here the icy continent will create memories to last a lifetime. It’s cold. It’s cool. It’s waiting to be discovered by you.

Hagley Park

In spring, Hagley Park is a riot of cherry blossom and daffodils, whilst in autumn mature introduced trees produce a mass of striking colours; in summer a walk through the gardens beside the river in search of an ice cream vendor proves irresistible, as does opportunities to attend free summer evening theatre or jazz, and in winter designated recreational areas buzz with thousands engaged in winter sport (especially on Saturday morning).

Set centrally within Hagley Park and adjacent to the City centre, the Botanic Gardens are fringed on the eastern side by the Neo-Gothic architecture of Christ's College, Canterbury Museum, and the Arts Centre. The Gardens were begun in 1850 along with the founding of the city of Christchurch.

Campgrounds and Parks near Kaiapoi

South Brighton Holiday Park

Closest seaside holiday park to Christchurch.

We providie the ideal base for you to explore Christchurch and the surrounding area whilst staying in an oasis of tranquil grounds with sheltered private sites and mature native trees.

You can walk on the banks of the beautiful estuary or swim, surf and relax on the stunning South Brighton Beach free from commercial development. The camp is located in the South Brighton Reserve which is next to a boat ramp, recreation field and excellent public transport links.

We are committed to:

- Maintaining the oasis feel of the park ensuring it never becomes a green car park.

- Developing facilities in an environmentally friendly way ensuring high levels of cleanliness.

- Providing new facilities for our customers enhancing their stay.

- Encourging the use of recycling and the efficient use of power to reduce waste

Visit South Brighton Holiday Park

North South Holiday Park

The closest Holiday Park to Christchurch International Airport!

Booking with North South Holiday Park is your perfect choice for accommodation when staying in Christchurch. Located just 5 minutes’ drive from the Airport, just off State Highway 1, and within a few minutes to all major campervan and car rental depots.

At North South Holiday Park, we offer a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs and budgets, ranging from our Park Motel Units which are fully self-contained down to our backpacker units for those who are on a budget or just require a bed for the night.

Set in serene, tree-lined grounds, you will have access to a range of great facilities during your stay including our outdoor swimming pool and children’s playground, pedal bikes for hire and Giant Jenga. Our extensive DVD collection is also free to use on those colder days. And we offer FREE WIFI.

Stay for a night or two, or settle in for a week or more at our Christchurch camping ground. We are a family owned and run business and our team look forward to welcoming you to our 4 star Qualmark rated Holiday Park and strive to make your time in Christchurch an enjoyable one.

Check in time is 2pm and check out time is 10am.

Visit North South Holiday Park

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