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Welcome to sunny Whakatane. This beautiful island situated near the phenomenal Bay of Plenty is a real treat for visitors. Whether you desire to sunbathe on the pristine sandy beaches that surround the town or be awestruck by walking on an active marine volcano, the sights of splendor and beauty in Whakatane will amaze you. Another boost for visitors is that Whakatane delights people with the most sunny hours annually. Its luscious landscaped terrain sits at the mouth of the gorgeous Whakatane River making it a favorite spot for water lovers. Fishing is a popular sport with a plentiful supply of all types of fish. Delight your senses with many natural wonders of this town. When making your plans to visit Whakatane, make time for some awesome sightseeing. There are many activities to keep you busy. Discover the awesomeness of Whirinaki forest with its tremendous trees that seem to touch the sky. The ever-changing habitats of the park, which changes between the north part and the south part, are indicative of nature's tumultuous happenings. Many years ago a violent volcano erupted spilling across the landscape and forever changing its appearance. Now, gullies, peaceful rivers, and gentle hills grace the northern section. Then as you traverse to the southern section, you notice steep mountainous terrain with water flowing through. Enjoy biking, camping, hiking, and tramping in the park. Cruise on a boat trip over to White Island, the only marine volcano in New Zealand. Just off the coast 49 km, this active volcano will inspire and wow you. Get a glimpse of the crater-like White Island that some say is like walking on the moon. The large craters, effervescing mud, rolling clouds of steam, and the lake filled with volcanic acid, will make you aware of the massive geothermal activity that is present beneath the surface. Once home to a Maori iwi village in pre-European times, Moutohora Island Sanctuary is now a refuge for many endangered birds and reptiles. Explore the beautiful natural wonders that is home to New Zealand's dinosaur, the Tuatara. Catch a glimpse of endangered birds such as the Little Brown Kiwi. Stroll along the island's hot water beach and let your cares melt away. Visit Whakatane in your own private motorhome with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!

Campervan Hire Whakatane

Chariot (Bay of Plenty)
$180 / Day

Chariot (Bay of Plenty)

Wainui, Bay of Plenty

Sleeps 2
Length 6.2m

20% REDUCED PRICE for DEC & JANUARY - Luxury - 'Kiwi Burrow'
$250 / Day

20% REDUCED PRICE for DEC & JANUARY - Luxury - 'Kiwi Burrow'

Whakatane, Bay Of Plenty

Sleeps 6
Length 6.5m

Places to Visit near Whakatane

Mataatua: The House That Came Home

In Whakatāne, New Zealand’s longest continually occupied settlement and gateway to Whakaari (White Island), you will find the revered Mataatua Wharenui: a fully carved Māori ancestral house that travelled the world for over a century, before returning home to its people – the Ngāti Awa Māori tribe of the Eastern Bay of Plenty. An alternative to other more commercial cultural options available in the larger centres, Mataatua is a remarkably personal encounter defined by a rich and genuine insight into a fascinating culture, the legendary story of the house that came home and the warmth of welcome as visitors arrive and strangers, but leave as friends. If commercial cultural attractions are not your cup of Kawakawa tea, and a personal, interactive and genuine immersion into Māori culture is what you seek, make your way to Mataatua today.


Waterfall right in the Whakatane township

Campgrounds and Parks near Whakatane

Whakatane Holiday Park

Come stay with us at the closest park to the Whakatāne town centre.

Whakatāne Holiday Park is just a five-minute walk along the riverside from downtown Whakatāne. The White Island Tours departure point is just a few minutes farther, and if you continue along the walkway, you'll find the famous ‘Lady on the Rock’ statue and busy harbour entrance.

Come in, park up your car or camper van and enjoy our wonderful town. We have accommodation options to suit all budgets, and all the facilities you'll need for a great holiday getaway. Pets are welcome (in low season only, unless prior arrangements have been made).

Our friendly team will do everything we can to make your stay as enjoyable and relaxing as possible!

Visit Whakatane Holiday Park

McAlister Street Carpark

McAlister Street Car Park is a free campsite operated by the Whakatane District Council for self-contained vehicles only, staying a maximum of 48 hours. There are 5 desitgnated sites just near the skate bowl available here on a first come, first served basis.

Visit McAlister Street Carpark

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