Monteiths Brewery Security Package

Greymouth, mouth being the key word. A place to put your beer. The team at Monteiths Brewery Co. need your help to help you be helpful, that makes sense, aye? You need beer, they need someone to watch out for those evil West Coast bootleggers.

So stop on by the Monteiths Brewery aka the best of the west. Have yourself a meal, some beer and tour the brewery for your ultimate west coast experience. To make it easier, we’ve pulled together a bit of an exclusive deal. Keep reading for more…


We’ve got an exclusive Mighway West Coast experience with Monteith’s Brewery in Greymouth! Take the brewery tour and taste four beers along with a whitebait fritter meal. When it’s all said and done, you can stay overnight in the Monteith’s carpark! Plus, you’ll get a personalised bottle of beer, a Monteith’s cap and a voucher for two more beers at another bar in the West Coast, for those pit stops along the way. You’ll leave the West Coast with a certificate of appreciation and a sense of West Coast pride.

Add-on Package Includes:

Monteiths Tasting - Taste Four Beers

Monteiths have an extensive range of beers on tap, in fact over ten full flavoured brews to taste, from the very light and fruity, to the dark and full bodied. You’ll get to experiment with a tasting tray of four beers.

6PM Monteiths Brewery Tour

We know that one of the best parts of being in the brewery is smelling the sweet aromas of the beer as it brews and just soaking up the atmosphere. It’s all right here for you to experience and enjoy, with the brewery tour! It’s your chance to get up close and personal with your favourite brew.

Note: 6pm tour preferred.

West Coast Meal Experience - Whitebait Meal

To drink responsibly, you need to eat responsibly. You can’t pass the West Coast without taking to some whitebait fritters. Give your taste buds a real treat and compliment your Monteiths beer with cuisine that is synonymous with the west. This package includes your excuse to indulge with a whitebait fritter meal. Enjoy.

Carpark Camping - Overnight Stay

We want you to be a responsible driver and enjoy the full experience. Provided you’re in a self-contained vehicle with bathroom and kitchen facilities, we’ll hook you up with a special pass that lets you stay overnight in the Monteiths Brewery Co. carpark! That kind of hospitality is what makes the West Coast of New Zealand one of our favourite coasts.

As a little surprise, your overnight parking pass doubles as a voucher that gives you two FREE Monteiths beers at another bar on the West Coast.

Personalised Gear - Bottle, Cap & Certificate

Let’s be honest, your friends will be jealous and won’t even believe you had such a great and unique experience. So we’ll give you a personalised bottle with your name as evidence.

If the bottle doesn’t quite make it home due to epic thirst and your weak resistance to temptation, we’ll give you a certificate of participation. Something that you can replace your college degree with on the wall, hang it with west coast pride.

To top it all off, literally, a Monteiths Brewery Co Cap. This will be like your new crown, you’ll wear it like the beer tasting KING that you have now become.

How to Book

This package is available for Mighway guests, so you just need to simply book a self-contained motorhome or campervan, and you’ll see the Monteiths Brewery Security Package available as an addon within the vehicle listing page. At $65 Per Person it’s the best value you’ll find! Simply find a self contained vehicle at for travel any time, select a vehicle and click on the Addons tab then add the Monteiths Brewery Security Package before requesting the booking. Easy.

1. Find a self contained vehicle at for travel any time.

2. Select a vehicle and click on the ADDONS tab, as shown here.

3. Simply add the Monteiths Brewery Security Package before requesting the booking. Easy.

Terms: Vehicle must be self-contained with kitchen and bathroom facilities. Valid during your Mighway booking period and confirmation must be presented on arrival.

Add-on Price: $65 Per Person

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