Owner Management System

For peace of mind while your motorhome is being rented, install an ABE Owner Management System.

ABE Owner Management System

For many years, thl has been investing in developing technology to help manage our vehicles and enhance our guests' experience. Given our passion for helping our owners to get the most out of their vehicles, we now delighted to be able to offer you our 'Owner Management System' - ABE. Mighway's ABE solution supports:

Asset Management
Driver Behaviour
Enriching Onboard Experience

If you want the ultimate peace of mind while your motorhome is being rented through Mighway, call one of the team to learn more. 

ABE offers solutions to help you get more enjoyment out of your motorhome, as well as allowing you to feel more comfortable renting it out to guests!

Asset Management

RV Service Manager

Do you forget when you last had your RV serviced, or what work was done? With RV Service Manager you will be reminded when you need to get your RV serviced, and have a digital service log of all work that has been done.

RV Engine Management

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew in advance that you had a problem with your engine brewing, or a problem with the transmission? With the RV Engine Management function, you will always know that the key components of your engine are always ready to go on your next adventure.

RV Tracking

Want to know where your RV is, or where it has been? RV Tracking enables you to keep tabs on where you RV is at any given time.

Driver Behaviour

Driver Behaviour Reporting

Keep track of the driver's on road behavior – have they been speeding? Braking too hard? Better driving leads to lower R&M costs and greater safety on the road.

Danger Alert

Low bridge ahead? Unsafe roads, high winds, bush fires… ABE will notify you BEFORE you encounter the danger.

In Cab Driver Behaviour Feedback

Using the ABE In-Vehicle screen, continue to build a relationship with your customer through relevant, contextual messaging, and driver education messaging.

Rest Break Messaging

The safety of our RV driver and their passengers is paramount. The rest break messaging will remind you that it may be time for a break, to keep drivers alert and safe.

Overspeed Alerts

Didn’t know you were exceeding the speed limit?  The ABE overspeeding alert will gently remind you that you may need to slow down.

Enriching Onboard Experience

Holiday Planning

Through our partner Roadtrippers, we're able to provide RV owners with a comprehensive list of camping sites, dump stations, petrol stations, places of interest and many other insights to help plan the perfect road trip.


Integrated GPS functionality ensures you're always confident about the best route to take to where you want to go.

Data Roaming

Do you burn data whilst out on the road? ABE data roaming provides RV owners with the cheapest available option for accessing data whilst out on the road.

Roadside Support

Got a problem with your RV whilst out on the road?  ABE 24/7 roadside support will help sort your problems as quickly as possible, whether that is getting a mobile mechanic out to you to sort the problem, or getting you to a place of safety and then arranging further repairs.

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