Owners Documents

Documents and How-To Guides

Renting out your motorhome? This is where you'll find all the documents you need, including pick-up and drop-off forms

Pick-up/Drop-off Form

In case you run into any trouble with your phone or tablet upon pick up/drop off, we recommend that you print a copy of our pickup and drop off paper document as an emergency back up. Once filled in and signed by both yourself and the guest, please email to info@mighway.co or send to Level 3, 23 Britomart Place, Auckland, New Zealand 1010

Pick Up/Drop Off App

Our Motorhome Rental Inspection Form has gone paperless! Please download our RV Rental Inspection app to manage Pick Up and Drop Off, available for both Android and Apple.

Accident Report Form

Please ensure you have a printed copy of this form, and place it and a pen in the glovebox of your vehicle. Let your Guests know it's there, and explain to them that if they have an accident they will need to use this form to take notes, as well as taking pictures of the accident and damage. When they drop off the vehicle, please update this in the Mighway RV Inspection App (above).

Owners Tips and Advice

Creating a great holiday experience for your guests is vitally important. In this guide, we share our tips and advice on how to manage and keep your vehicle at its very best, maximize your revenue opportunities and other useful hints.