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Your vehicle is covered by CamperCare Insurance when it's on the road with Mighway, so why not take the hassle out and use CamperCare all year round?

Who is CamperCare?

Star Insurance Specialists, the trading name of Star Underwriting Agents Ltd, is a 100% NZ family-owned and operated business developing and managing specialist insurance policies. CamperCare was established in 2010 to dramatically improve RV insurance policies for motorhome and caravan owners in New Zealand.

Star Camper Care is New Zealand’s leading RV insurance specialist, providing peace of mind to RV owners who want easy-to-understand policies that do what they say. Their experienced team works hard to reduce stress and minimise financial risk.

Why choose CamperCare?

Industry Leaders

Their total care approach, along with offering the best policies at the best prices, is something that resonates with our customers. You will feel assured that your needs are being fully met, and their great customer-focused team is just a phone call or email away.

Safe and secure

You’re in good hands with Star CamperCare. Their underwriter, Vero Insurance has an A+ insurer financial strength rating from Standard and Poor’s. That’s one less thing to worry about. Once approved your claims will be covered – fast.

Comprehensive RV cover

They cover everything you expect, but some companies make you pay extra for fixtures and fittings. They believe you want everything covered, not just what an insurance company says you can cover. So they insure your entire RV, inside and out. Fixtures, fittings, contents…everything. 

One size does not fit all

No two policies are the same. You’re unique, and so is your RV insurance policy. They’ll make sure that you have all the cover you need and nothing you don’t. You'll get a great, custom rate especially for you, based on how you use your RV.

Crystal clear policy documents

You don't need a law degree to understand their policies. They don't hide behind jargon or do anything to compromise your understanding of what’s in your insurance policy. It’s in both your interests to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

The best service with fast in-house decisions

One of the key benefits of dealing with CamperCare insurance is their team. Their experienced, NZ-based customer friendly team looks after everything to do with your policy, from initial fees through to approving claims. They do it all. This saves you time, money and stress. 

Income Protection

When you purchase our optional Income Protection Insurance, we’ll cover the cash that you would have received from your Mighway rental, up to $10,000 depending on the cover option you choose. This insurance is available exclusively to Camper Care policyholders enrolled with Mighway. If you’re not a Camper Care customer, now is a great time to see that our friends at Camper Care consistently deliver policies that provide exactly what you need. Want to find out more? Just give us a call to discuss with our experts.

Mighway gives you the support to feel secure, with their income protection and insurance package. So if your vehicle has had accidental damage, you know that you’re 100% covered.

- Owners, Justine and Lee