Jason's Whitebait Fritters

Greymouth, South Island, New Zealand

Our fourth episode from our On the Road Recipes series explores beautiful coastlines and forests in Greymouth. So, let head chef, Jason, from Monteiths Brewery show you how to create Greymouth's world famous for whitebait fritters and soak in the wonders of the wild West Coast!

About Monteiths Brewery

Join us on our brewery experience as we guide you through the traditions and heritage of our brewing establishment. You will experience and taste our ever changing and innovative brews; some of which are exclusively produced and sold here by our brewers at Monteith's Brewing Company. We serve tapas style portions so you don't have to miss out. You can select a range of our local, fresh dishes and match them with a selection of our beers as recommended by our beer ambassadors. 

Classic Whitebait Fritters paired with Monteiths Pointers Pale Ale

In this fourth episode, Head Chef Jason showcases fresh Whitebait fritters, paired with Monteiths Pointers Pale Ale. Described as a “religion” by the famous Kiwi novelist Keri Hulme, the pursuit of whitebait has long been an iconic part of New Zealand life and culture. The largest volume of whitebait in New Zealand is found on the West Coast of the South Island. As an important seasonal industry, during whitebaiting season visitors and locals alike flock with nets and buckets to the region’s rivers in the hope of catching some of these precious little fish. One of the few species of native New Zealand fish that can legally be harvested and sold.


Serves 4

250g Whitebait (drained & gently washed)

1 Tbsp Flour Salt & Pepper to taste

2 Eggs (Lightly beaten) Butter for frying

Lemon Juice

3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Beat eggs and lightly whisk together. Stir in Whitebait and season.

Step 2: Heat a small amount of butter in a heavy fry pan and using a teaspoon drop fritter mix into pan.

Step 3: Fry quickly on one side, or until egg mixture sets. Turn fritter and quickly brown other side. 

Drain fritters on paper towels and serve with squeezed lemon and season with salt & pepper!

For a vegetarian option, try replacing oysters with eggplant, mushrooms or any local cheese!

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Discover more of the West Coast

Southland is a popular tourist destination, particularly during the summer, so a winter holiday to the region is the perfect time to get up close and personal with all that this area has to offer. From coastal delights, including abundant wildlife and tasty seafood, to natural wonder inland, ideal for hiking and exploration, you’ll want to book more than a few nights in this idyllic natural wonderland.

The Southland climate is seasonal, with warm summers and chilly winters. The area does receive its fair share of rainfall, so come prepared with the essentials for braving the elements. Hire a campervan with Mighway, and let the journey unfold!!

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