Meet the Mighway Team

Meet Our Team

We believe the best bits of an adventure lie in the unexpected - the detours off the beaten track and the stops along the way.

We always stop for ice cream to make the journey just that much sweeter. It’s in those magic moments that Mighway makes its name.

So, join us on the road and learn more about the team at Mighway.

Lucy-Jane Haslam

General Manager

Lucy has worked in travel and tourism for most of her career, and has been part of the Mighway journey since the beginning. She loves the Mighway model, and her goal is to ensure it’s a great experience for all our owners and guests. Lucy has a strong background in sales and operations and is very customer focused, so she understands that getting all the little things right is what makes Mighway a great way to holiday in New Zealand. Lucy has a real passion for travel, and does so whenever she gets the chance … if we let her out of the office!

Fergus Cook

Head of Service Delivery

Fergus, aka Ferg, has a strong background in travel/tourism and customer service. Coming to Mighway from previous roles with THL and Disney, Ferg brings a strong operational approach to his role as Head of Service Delivery and ensures that Mighways customers are having an exceptional experience.

Hailing from the Central Otago area, he loves a good adventure whether on foot or strapped into a snowboard, and is passionate about helping people see the best that New Zealand has to offer.

Leola Xu

Head of Software Development

Leola is passionate about enabling business with technology and driving a collaborative environment. She enjoys understanding and analysing business needs, organising information, creating visual representations and driving a shared understanding. She has experience working in the hotel management industry, the cinema industry, and for large software companies. Outside of work, Leola enjoys getting out into nature of bush walks, hiking, running, and camping, as well appreciating abstract art.

Kate Irwin

Head of Product

Kate is passionate about building great digital products. She’s very customer focused, and realises that success for Mighway is all about listening to what our customers need, and creating great user experiences for them. With a background in technology, business analysis and product management, Kate loves working collaboratively within the Mighway business and development teams to make sure we’re building the right stuff!

Kate loves travel and adventure – particularly roadtrips with few plans and lots of time. She’s a very keen tramper, and likes the long ones - where you leave civilisation behind and enjoy the amazing scenery in the wild parts of New Zealand.

Dave Hine

Head of Marketing and Partnerships

Dave has many years in sales & marketing, spanning a wide range of industries including gaming and media. He loves to travel and had an extended OE for most of his twenties which included the UK, Europe, Africa, Nepal and North America/Canada. Passionate about New Zealand, there aren't too many places in New Zealand that Dave hasn't explored by bike, car or, in early years, hitch-hiking. Though Stewart Island and Curio Bay remain on the hit list as do some of the Great Walks. His favourite places include Matapouri Bay, Lake Waikaremoana, the family farm outside of Gisborne, pretty much anywhere in the South Island, and any beach with an easy surf break to longboard.

Anam Inam

Office Assistant

Anam is a computer engineer who loves to travel and meet new people. She worked as a customer care officer in Saudi where she proved to be one of the best employees in her department. She keeps a positive attitude towards work and life. Anam has excellent communication skills where she likes to target client concerns through best possible strategies. She is eager to update her knowledge through experiential learning. Anam hopes to make a great contribution to the company in the years to come through hard work and dedication. 

Nadine Tietz

Customer Experience Specialist

Nadine came to us all the way from Germany where she graduated from University as a Social Worker. On the long journey to middle earth she stopped by in Canada, where she had her first seasonal job within the RV industry and discovered her passion to help create unforgettable holidays. After arriving in NZ she got adopted by the thl RV rentals family and had the chance to work in both countries, NZ and AU. She can now look back on more than 5 years of experience working with motorhomes and thousands of km travelled in them. Nadine is passionate about animals, the environment, healthy living and of course travelling (road trips – yeah!)

Matt Bailey

Customer Experience Specialist

Matthew is from the UK and has an experienced background in Sales and Insurance. He comes to us from a previous role in THL. Matthew has come to New Zealand after a year in Australia searching for adventure and self discovery. Travel has always been a huge part of his life ever since childhood. He loves meeting new people and creating unforgettable memories. Outside of work he enjoys, Football, socialising, hiking and all things film.

Renee Renata

Customer Experience Specialist

I am New Zealand born and raised, and have travelled all over NZ. I know all the best spots to visit. Prior to working in tourism, I volunteered with a few charities and animal shelters. I previously worked with THL as a senior booking host for Maui, Britz and Mighty motorhomes for 4 years. I am passionate about great customer service and love helping people make their dream holiday come true. Outside of work I am a "fur mum" of two pugs. I love following the sun and travellling to the pacific islands, with Fiji being my favourite place but also love a bit or snow boarding (although Im not too good) and I LOVE food!

Gavin Tansey

Accounts Executive

Gavin is from Ireland, but more importantly Sligo; on the Atlantic coastline. His university background in economics and finance led Gavin to pursue roles in the public sector, namely primary care reimbursement, before making the big move to NZ. His true passion is a fondness for Celtic mysticism, in particular the music; enjoying artists like Fainne Lasta, Raithneach, Amhrann Na Ngaelach and of course Clannad. If you see him out and about, ask him the story about Gerry Breeze; you won’t regret it, we promise.

Robert Heavey

Market Development Executive

Robert is from Ireland and has over ten years’ Sales and Customer Service experience in a variety of industries and roles. As part of the Market Development team he's here to help grow the Mighway platform and will be a main touchpoint for our owners. Rob has a passion for life e.g. coffee, food, wine, music and sunshine.

Lara Derbyshire

Market Development Executive

Lara brings to Mighway a love of travel and over 12 years of sales and customer service experience. She graduated from Auckland University with a BA and BSc. Her love of languages led her to Europe to master the French language. After returning to New Zealand, she worked for Mighway's parent company thl and is backed by knowledge of the NZ RV market. Lara loves helping create unforgettable holidays, seeing new places and meeting new people.

Andrew Cho

Digital Marketing Executive

Andrew graduated from AUT with a Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Digital Media. Joining Mighway as an intern in 2017, he has taken on a full time position as the Digital Marketing Executive. Andrew's key focuses are user experience design, marketing automation and executing the email marketing communications strategy. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors, fashion, travel and gaming. 

Nicole Gilmour

Marketing and Communications Executive

Nicole graduated from AUT with a Bachelor in Event Management and Tourism. She has come to Mighway with four years of experience in Marketing and Communications, two of those within the tourism industry. Her love for travel and the outdoors continues to grow, and she enjoys taking on new challenges. 

Brandon Lin

UX Designer

Brandon graduated from AUT in 2017 with a Bachelor in Communication Design, specialising in UXUI. He’s big on detail, you can catch him staring into his screen breaking down the spacing pixel by pixel. Apart from UX design, Brandon likes the odd spot of photography, print work, and video editing here and there. Outside of work he loves a good summer road trip with some throwback tunes surrounded by some quality company.

Alex Moreau

Software Development Team Lead

Alex is from France and decided to come to New Zealand to improve both his English and his skills in IT. After experiencing multiple JS frameworks he fell in love with React, and that's what he is doing here at Mighway. Outside of work Alex loves sports, travel, piano, and e-sports.

Mac Choi

Full Stack Developer

Mac was born in Hong Kong and moved to New Zealand when he was young. He has over 6 years experience in web application development. Outside of work he loves travelling and getting on the road. He recommends travelling New Zealand, and one of the most amazing experiences is taking a motorhome on the road.

Albert Cheung

Frontend Developer

Albert is one of the Mighway Frontend developers. Previously he worked for Mighway's parent company thl, but now he is enjoying the fast paced, vibrant and diverse Mighway environment. In his spare time, he enjoys football and animation.

Daisha Dsouza

Test Engineer

Daisha Dsouza joined the Mighway team as a Test Engineer which basically means she gets to play ‘Wheres Waldo’ but with bugs and defects. 
A little about her: she’s a massive foodie and loves trying out new places or new recipes. She enjoys morning yoga and bit of reading. 

Tanmai Sharma

Automation Engineer

Tanmai is a tech-enthusiast, nature-lover and has a knack for extreme sports. He’s an experienced software-engineer and likes to optimally automate software. Tanmai has been skydiving, water dunk bungeed, and rafted around the world. He likes to explore Quantum brain dynamics and consciousness in leisure besides hitting the road in motorhome. He also practices Yoga with colleagues trying to perfect headstands.


Health & well-being officer

Meet Pupu, our health and well-being officer. Pupu is around six years old and is multilingual after originally residing in China and Canada. After her big adventure overseas, she found her perfect home in New Zealand. She is very talkative, loves cuddles and to show off her looks!

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