While the journey you’re about to take is sure to be full of fun and adventure, there are some important points we need to discuss with regards to insurance. Every Mighway booking comes with our standard Camper Care insurance package, which covers most accidental damage to the vehicle. Also, the plan will cover your liability to any third-party property that is damaged as well. The plan covers up to NZ $20,000,000.

One important note about our insurance is that if you do file a valid claim, you will need to pay an excess fee of up to NZ $5,000, regardless of fault. However, if the claim finds that you are not at fault, this fee will be returned to you immediately.

All guests are insured by our partner, Camper Care – New Zealand’s Leading Motorhome Insurance company. Your insurance policy does have an excess that ranges from $2,000 to $5,000, buying the excess reduction will reduce your excess to only $500. We strongly advise all customers to purchase the excess reduction, you’ll be amazed at how expensive it is to repair the most minor bumps and scrapes on a motorhome.

What We Don't Cover

While our comprehensive insurance does cover many accidents and mistakes that happen on the road, there are some circumstances in which you may be liable for the full amount of damages. These situations include:


  1. The Guest (you) breach any of our terms of service, which results in any damages.
  2. Damage is caused by intentional misconduct (such as standing on the bonnet or roof), use of drugs or alcohol, recklessness and general carelessness as shown with sufficient evidence. In short, if you mess around and get into a wreck, you may be liable for all payments.


Additionally, the insurance coverage is limited in these regards:

  1. We are not responsible for loss or damage of any personal property (anything not belonging to Mighway).
  2. We will not pay any fees that may be necessary if the vehicle is bogged, submerged, or otherwise stuck and has been abandoned by the Guest. Provided that such circumstances did not prevent you from getting the vehicle stuck in the first place and that you had the ability to get it out yourself.
  3. We will not pay for replacement keys that have been lost or stolen. We also are not responsible if you lock the keys in the vehicle.
  4. Any overhead or undercarriage damage is not covered by this insurance (regardless of circumstances).
  5. Any damage caused by snow chains is also not covered.
  6. Any misuse of fuel (i.e. using diesel instead of petrol) or watering down of fuel is not covered by this insurance.
  7. If the vehicle breaks down in any way, including (but not limited to) engine problems, issues with accessories, or general problems with the vehicle, we are not liable for any repairs. However, if such breakdown is a result of a collision, theft, natural disaster, or any other circumstance beyond your control, you will not be liable (upon review of your claim).
  8. Any tire damage, including punctures and bursts, will not be covered. Unless, however, such damage happened as a result of a collision or intentional act by someone not covered by this insurance. (I.E. a stranger slashes your tyres).
  9. If you go down any of these following roads, Mighway will not cover any damage incurred as a direct result of traveling on them. These roads are:
    1. New Zealand Skippers Rd (Queenstown)
    2. Ball Hut Rd (Mt. Cook)
    3. Ninety Mile Beach (Northland)
    4. North of Colville Township (Coromandel Peninsula)


Personal Injury or Loss

Mighway and Star Underwriting are not responsible for any personal injury or damage to the Guest or any other individuals covered by this insurance. We are also not responsible for any theft or damage to personal property that happens inside the vehicle. Finally, we are not liable for any disruption or problems that occur with your travel plans as a result of renting a vehicle from us. We highly recommend you get personal travel insurance for any such occurrences.


Correctness of Statement and Fraud

The Guest (you) willfully admits that all information and statements laid out in this policy are true and correct. If any information is incorrect, then the policy becomes void.


Governing Law

All aspects of this policy are governed by New Zealand law, meaning that local courts have total jurisdiction over any legal proceedings regarding it. The insurance policy is provided by Star Underwriting Agents Ltd T/A Camper Care for and on behalf of Vero Insurance New Zealand Ltd. 


  • Vehicle is defined as the vehicle listed on your rental agreement, including (but not limited to) any fixtures, fittings, furniture, and awnings that are permanently attached and part of it. 
  • Accident is defined as a sudden and unforeseen event that results in loss or damage of the Vehicle and is not intended by the Guest (you).

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