Camp with Care

Enjoy the best of New Zealand

Camping is a great way to enjoy some of the best parts of our country. Here's how to do it with care.

Leave no trace
The Department of Conservation’s website contains useful information on how to keep safe and leave no trace in the outdoors.

Use a public toilet or the one in your vehicle
Please respect our home and other travellers by using the proper facilities. Just look for the signs. You can find a public toilet near you by searching the AA map.

Use a dump station to dispose of campervan waste
It’s important you dispose of your water and toilet waste in a safe and environmentally sound way. Search the AA map to find a dump station near you or look out for the blue dump station symbol throughout the country.

Stay at a campsite
For the best experience, stay at one of these great campsites. With many having cooking, toilet and shower facilities on site, there’s everything you’ll need.

Camping rules vary by region

Throughout New Zealand, you will find that the rules around camping are different. Make sure you're camping with care by visiting or an i-SITE Visitor Information Centre for more information. Or download the CamperMate app to find epic campsites, nearby petrol stations and much more! 

Learn more about the Tiaki Promise and how you can camp with care when you rent a motorhome in New Zealand.  

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