Togo Group

A new age of outdoor adventure

A new age of outdoor adventure.

For consumers, Togo Group brings together products and services that empower travelers to more easily own, rent, and maintain recreational vehicles as well as more easily discover, book, and navigate road trips. Togo Group’s commercial products and services put the power of data back in the customers’ hands, enabling enterprises to more efficiently handle fleet management, reservations, telematics hardware, analytics tools, and geo-data services to drive their business forward.

For enterprise fleet vehicle operators, tourism agencies, and travel and mobility businesses, Togo Fleet offers an incredibly powerful SaaS platform for effortless vehicle management and revenue optimization. Togo Fleet customers have access to dynamic product pricing, booking, inventory management, and maintenance features. Advanced features include intelligent vehicle schedule optimization, capable of achieving 95% utilization of large fleets within peak season.

Togo RV offers an app-based set of tools focused on improving the RV experience. Early features include tracking service and maintenance schedules, customizable checklists, and the new Roadlink™ C2 Wi-Fi connectivity solution. Already, more than 250,000 consumers have downloaded Togo RV.

Togo Insights is a suite of telematics hardware and analytics tools for enterprise fleet operators. Insights customers have experienced a substantial reduction in the costs of repairs and maintenance for their fleets, as well as a 98.8% reduction in speeding and a 93% reduction in harsh driving.

Roadtrippers is the world's #1 road trip planning tool. Roadtrippers helps people discover the world around them in an entirely new way by streamlining discovery, planning, booking and navigation into an engaging and intuitive process. Since launching in 2012, Roadtrippers has helped its users plan more than 25 million trips covering more than 7.8 billion miles. Every year, more than 18 million people visit Roadtrippers to get the inspiration they need to hit the road.

With more than 25.3 million places around the world (5 million in the U.S. alone) and over 44 million photos, Roadtrippers Places is the most complete geo-data source for the outdoors, camping, and road-based travel industry. Using its taxonomy of over 600 categories, Roadtrippers Places powers Togo Group brands such as Roadtrippers and Togo RV, as well as a growing number of partners in the travel, mapping, and local tourism industries through the Places API. Additionally, Roadtrippers Places allows businesses within its database to claim their listings and keep their information up to date.

Roadtrippers Content Studio is an in-house agency that creates exceptional content to enable brands to connect with consumers. Leveraging its network of over 100 of the best storytellers, camping enthusiasts, and travel experts experiencing life on the road, Content Studio engages new audiences, builds communities, and creates original content for brands like Thor Industries and Airstream, tourism boards, and destination marketing organizations, as well as Togo Group brands such as Roadtrippers, Togo RV, and Mighway.

Togo Group's digital platform will be a game changer for a new generation of road-based travellers. Everything we do is aimed at bringing together and creating the leading products and services for road-based travel and outdoor tourism.

- Danny Hest, Togo Group CEO