Great Today, Better Tomorrow

The Spirit of Mighway

We're helping to create a better tomorrow - whilst enjoying a great today.


We provide a way for adventurous spirits to connect, to share and learn from each other - enriching the journey along the way. Connection and collaboration is what it’s all about.

We’re energised by possibility, and the freedom of the open road. Curiosity leads our way.
Anything could happen.
We could make something happen.
We intend to.

Collectively we have a desire to make a difference, to make the most of each day.
We want to leave our mark on the world, whilst taking time to enjoy the moment. We’re in the business of meaningful pursuits.

We welcome individuality, you can see this in our team. But we believe strongly in the power of community.
No two people are the same, no two customers, no two journeys. In serendipity lies discovery.

We’re open minded, welcoming and eager to learn. Through sharing of stories we shine the light on different pathways. We’re explorers.
We want to do good. Because we hear the call of the outdoors and find renewal amongst it, we want to protect it and share our knowledge with others.

We want to do no harm, of course, and then we want to find ways to do more.

We cherish connections and value the communities we visit, the moments we share and the people we meet along the way.
We want to create something sustainable so we can grow the ability to make an even better tomorrow. 

Right now? We’ll enjoy a great today.

Our Team is currently working on four initiatives to create Great Todays and Better Tomorrows:

Wellbeing for the Crew

How do we improve the wellbeing of our team? What does wellbeing mean for Mighway? The first steps have been taken to improve physical wellbeing through introducing weekly fruit deliveries and yoga sessions, and planning group activities, some involving volunteer work, to improve mental wellbeing. 

Eco-Friendly Office

What can we do to improve the sustainability of the office environment? This group discovered that our office, was already doing well in the sustainability field, but we needed to improve in waste management. First steps involved finding more ways to reduce and reuse, by introducing reusable options for paper and plastics. 

Responsible Travel Commitment

How can we educate/engage our owners and guests on key principles to support responsible travel? This team took inspiration from the Palau and Icelandic pledge, and decided to create a Mighway pledge that could be taken by guests as a commitment to travel responsibly in both New Zealand and the United States.

Owner Sustainability

How can we engage and encourage our Owners to think about sustainability? This group has decided that the best way to engage Owners in sustainable ventures is to lead by example. Their first steps are to make the Mighway promotional van greener, with solar-panels to start, and promote the process to owners. 

On The Road

We started our 'On the Road' series as an initiative to promote wider regional dispersal, getting people out of the tourist hotspots and into the small towns that make New Zealand great. Since then, we've produced 24 videos that have been enjoyed over 3 million times on Facebook.

Since our creation in 2015, we've helped faciliate over 2,300 trips around New Zealand, and paid out millons to our local owners all across the country. We're helping to create Great Todays, and Better Tomorrows. 

Our first series focused on finding lesser known gems all around the country, while our second series visited new regions to meet chefs using local produce - you can find them both below. Our third series will aim to promote sustainable and responsible travel in NZ.

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