Top Summer Activities 2021

Top Summer Activities 2021

Written by Nicole

Jandals and stubbies are out in full force, the beaches are buzzing and the water has never been so tempting; the summer months are finally here! So, it’s time to make the most of the hot summer days by visiting these top New Zealand destinations and joining in on these activities. Start your campervan hire in New Zealand the right way.

Taupo Summer Concert Tour 2021

If you’re searching for the ultimate summer concert this year, we recommend heading to the Taupo Summer Concert Tour 2021; hosted by Greenstone Entertainment. Featuring some of New Zealand’s greatest artists, it’s an event that you won’t want to miss. Top artists such as Gin Wigmore, Dragon, The Jordan Luck Band will be here and live in action.

Donut Island

This New Zealand gem can be found around 600m off the coast of Whangamata in the Coromandel Peninsula. Whenuakura Island is also commonly known as Donut Island, and is a travellers paradise. Surrounded by volcanic rock, you can find yourself kayaking and paddleboarding through crystal-clear waters and magical caverns.

The Poor Knights

The Poor Knights Marine Reserve is off the east coast of the Northland Region. Rated by global explorer Jacques Cousteau as having some of the best snorkelling and diving in the world, it truly is an underwater paradise.

The Poor Knights is a relatively small area for snorkelling and diving, however, its marine reserve means that there is an abundance of sea life and sea creatures. You may find that the water is a little cool, even in the summer months, however, the visibility is nothing like anything we’ve seen before. Absolutely a bucket list spot.

Auckland Lantern Festival 2021

This year, celebrate the Chinese New Year at the Auckland Lantern Festival 2021. This is one of Auckland’s most popular events, and there is plenty of spectacular food, entertainment and beautiful lights to be enjoyed. Mark this key summer event in your calendar and join the party from the 25-28 of February 2021.

Sunset Tour to Rangitoto Island

This is a great summer activity for the entire family. Paddle 5kms across the Waitemata Harbour to Rangitoto Island with the team from Auckland Sea Kayaks. On your journey, you may bump into some of New Zealand’s wildlife including Little Blue Penguins and Cooks Petrels.

The kayak is followed by a one hour hike to the summit of Rangitoto Island, where you will find plenty of Insta-worthy shots. Here, you will be rewarded with breathtaking 360° views of Auckland. How great does this sound!

Feed Wild Stingrays in Gisborne

If you’re searching for an adventure like no other, head to Gisborne. Located 15 minutes from Gisborne, Dive Tatapouri will give you the opportunity to interact with Eagle Rays, Short Tail Stingrays and other reef dwellers. It is not only a fun experience, but it is also very educational.

Strawberry Picking

Throughout New Zealand, there are plenty of amazing farms where you can pick your own fresh fruit. This is a great option for the entire family and is often cheaper than buying strawberries, raspberries and blueberries at the supermarket. Many places will also offer fresh fruit or real fruit ice cream; turn your freshly pick strawberries into a refreshing treat.