Your guide to a sustainable Christmas

Your guide to a sustainable Christmas

Written by mighway

We understand the pressures of gift giving at Christmas time and the expense that comes with it. So, it’s about time we step away from pointless gifts, and walk into a more sustainable Christmas. To help guide you on your journey, here is our list of some great sustainable gifts to give this year (even on a small budget).

Gift a tree

If you’re involved in secret Santa or have a low budget, we recommend gifting a native tree! This is a gift that keeps on giving, and it is also waste-free! Put your pennies towards a greener New Zealand, and put a smile on someones face.

Check out this one stop shop for gifting native trees – Trees That Count.

Eco Store

With a great range to choose from, Eco Store is a household product loved by many New Zealanders. This eco-friendly company is always one step ahead with their biodegradable ingredients and sugar plastic packaging.

Talk about sustainable, Eco Store also recall all empty bottles so that they can remake them. Visit and find out how you can return your empty bottles.

Sustainable clothing

Not sure what to get your loved ones for Christmas? Below, we have listed some awesome clothing items that have been produced ethically or are sustainable. These gifts will have your family feeling fabulous and guilt-free.

All birds

This New Zealand company prides itself on using materials produced by mother nature. For example, one pair of All bird shoelaces are recycled from one plastic bottle, and their packaging is made for 90% recycled cardboard.

Veja Esplar Trainers

Known for their ethical decisions from start to finish, Veja are great sustainable trainers. And, not only do the look great, anyone wearing them can feel good about the footprint that has been left behind (literally).

The Iconic

This Australian online platform sells a great range of items, from clothing, footwear, jewellery, accessories and more. And, in order to be more in-line with today’s focus on creating a better tomorrow, the company ran an engagement workshop in 2018. This was done in-house and externally with the goal to create their 2020 Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing Strategy.

This workshop helped the Iconic identify what their impact was on the environment and what they were contributing to the community. And, due to their great efforts, the online platform now offers a range of sustainable items.


Did you receive a gift this year that you haven’t used? What we love most is to up-cycle. Repurpose a gift and give it to someone who may have more use for it; a great way to be sustainable.

Recycling unwanted items doesn’t just have to be during the silly season. When you have some time on your hands, go through your cupboards and pull out any unwanted items, and find a suitable charity to donate to.

We can all do our part to contribute towards a great today and a better tomorrow. Start with gifting a sustainable item this Christmas. For more ideas on how to be sustainable and keep New Zealand green, learn about the Tiaki Promise or Camp with Care.